Sunday, January 31, 2010

39 WEEKS ..Holy SHIT!

As if I ever thought I'd make it to 39 weeks here I am ....still......PREGNANT!
NO sign of baby coming on its own...some cramping..more or less a baby thats still constantly rolling around in there, I like to think this "little someone" is getting in BIRTH POSITION.
Im back at the Dr. tomorrow to get all the final deets on my induction.
Other then that my gripes are:

1. STOP telling my im about to pop....I know this!

2. Dont touch my stomach! , ya! that goes for you random MEN at Target
who have no boundaries, and think just b/c i'm pregnant means i'm fair game to touch.!.

3. my feet hurt.

4. my fingers are taking on the "mini sausage look"
my ring IS NOT coming off.

5. Its an ordeal to just turn over and get up off my couch (where I sleep)

6. I pee a minimum of 4 times in the middle of night, I cant wait to just not have to do that anymore.

7. Rented my Symphony breast pump, the thing is a BEAST to say the least!

8. My pelvis and inside of my legs kill.

heres my 39 week photo!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Months of waiting, collecting, and gathering the energy to finish the nursery has come to an end!
Its all complete and ready for Baby!

What do you think?

Haiti Relief

Petunia Pickle Bottom has been working with a team of people over the last several days to coordinate the delivery of baby formula, food, water and medical supplies to this town completely cut off as a result of the quake. The first delivery left Santa Barbara, CA on Friday and was successfully delivered on Sunday. This is just the beginning. Our mission is to assist with the basic immediate needs, but also help The Hands & Feet Project prepare for the onslaught of children orphaned as a result of the earthquake via this Petunia Outlet “Haiti Relief Sale.”

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Here we are 37 weeks!!!!!
Almost there!
only 21 days left, 17 until my induction! I cant believe it!

Baby Shower

I had a FAIRY tale Baby shower on Saturday evening.... it was so nicely put together I couldn't have asked for anything more, it was BIG AND BEYOND! and I had a lovely time, saw friends and family I have not seen in some time! Opened TONS of gifts ... everything was PICTURE PERFECT.... to say the least!
Here are some pictures from the big event.
Special thanks to Kelly,Korie,Courtney,and Amber for coordinating such a LOVELY party <3

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

36 weeks

ahhhh Doctor visits every week, I am their new best friend!
Had my last ultrasound pictures :(
baby was too low, and just wasnt able to get a good clear shot.
With that said, he/she isnt breach anymore :)
and baby weighs approx 6lb 7oz. !!!
I thought Id be giving birth to a 6 pounder...looks like ill be having a 7+ pound baby!
I have decided to be induced on FEB 2nd. (if this sweet child of mine doesnt decide to make its entrance into the world before then)
This weekend is my BIG FINAL FINALE baby shower...
cant wait :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

35 weeks

Had a DR. appointment yesterday went well, Got my beta strip test done, babies heart rate was 140, my blood pressure was excellent..
Next Monday I have my last Ultrasound, it will be the last time I will get to see my big ole baby before its a reality! We are going to confirm whether he/she is still breech..if so, looks like Ill be scheduling a C section @ 39 weeks. otherwise were talking inducing on Feb 2nd!! :)

Either way I am prepared for c-SECTION, induction, or even natural labor....
its so close....yet still so far.....
well see what happens!!!!

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