Thursday, December 31, 2009


2009 You came and WENT!
bring on 2010!
This year has by far been one of my MOST bittersweet years of my 24 years alive. I have memories from this year that I'll remember FOREVER.lets take a look back into 2009 and it begins with ringing in 2009 in my Downtown Los Angeles PENTHOUSE LOFT will all my best friends

Then came Valentines Day!
then some FUN weekends

then My 24th Birthday wellllll spent in Vegas!

then a BABY came... in May, confirmed on JUNE 16TH 2009. Life as I knew it was going to change...and in 9 short months Ill be a mommy!
then A short lived Summer!

and then a FALL that was gone with a wink of an eye!

and then CHRISTMAS, that came and went too..
SO HERE WE ARE DEC.31st 2009!
Happy New Year!!!
Marcella, & what was I called at one time a baby "BEAN" :(

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Merry Christmas to MEEE!!!

Well Christmas 2009 sure came and went!!!I'm a bit sad how fast time is going by, pretty soon Ill have a baby and then it wont be a little baby anymore :(
I had a SUPER AWESOME Christmas surrounded by my close friends and family! I got my FLIP CAMERA! And Reebok Easy Tones to whip me back in shape POST BABY!
My best friends threw me a little Dinner party/baby shower
it was turned out nice! I received a lot of necessities to prepare for the baby!
they did well!

Im 34 weeks and 3 days prego today....I have 5.5 weeks to go, or 40 days!!!
so so close to being done! I feel huge. I get little feet stuck in my sides....and elbows in my pelvis
It takes me what seems like minutes to turn over while sleeping, which before I didnt even have to put thought or effort into turning over while sleeping. My bladder is being smooshed daily.
Ive discovered some nasty stretch marks on my thunder thighs......and thats ok...better there then on my stomach. For the most part I really dont have much discomfort or complaints...Im convinced most women are just NEEDY, AND LAZY...and make excuses to make everyone else do everything for them.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Close the book.

End of this what seemed to be a never ending chapter.
Im beginning a NEW STORY, a new dream, a new outlook, a new fairy tale.
Single Parenthood here I come... I think its time to start a separate blog with my new story...
hopefully I can help other women in my same shoes, shed some light, even get good advice and light for myself........

Friday, December 18, 2009


Shower #2 is on its way!!!
Jan 16th! woo-hoo
This shower will be "Platinum Babies" worthy (you must watch that show if you havent already. its pretty ridiculous)...
However my big shower planners, im sure have alot of fun and cute surprises up their sleeves!!

Heres a photo of my shower invitations arent they so CUTE!!!
Special thanks to Kristen at KLT WORKS for designing these awesome invites!

Monday, December 14, 2009

32 Weeks

32 weeks. 8 months.
7 weeks and 6 days to go and or 55 days!
Holy crap 8 months to me is a MILESTONE.
I feel Huge! I feel a big baby in there fighting for space!
I feel like my bladder is being smashed, and its becoming quite uncomfortable.
I had a little bonding experience in the tub tonight...
I was sitting there and and either its head or butt bulged out of my left side, I would put my hand over it and gently push, she/he would flip around and come back, repeatedly! I found my self laughing and borderline crying at the fact we were "playing" and it was so cute!

32 week photos.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Nursery progress

So here is a couple photos of my Nursery Progress! its coming along nicely just doing a little here and little there,
Today my glider came and really finished off the space! now its time to organize and add misc decor!

Also here is a VIDEO of my bean, JUMPIN AROUND IN MY BELLY!

"Sponser a Family"

I decided this year Drool will be teaming up with THE UNITED WAY of Ventura County to "SPONSOR A FAMILY IN NEED"
for the Holiday's!

I will soon be receiving the families wish list of items.

The United Way of Ventura County, is a local organization to help out people in need

If you are interested in helping us make this families Christmas special please donate

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