Our Home

 Casa de Marce y Peej

the painting my best friend gave me at my shower.... <3>

KLT Works Mobile

my fave piece of artwork Peej has!

Pella's Room! my fave room in the casa!

The master suite, where the LOVE MAKING happens....SYKE!

TEENY WEENY ASS bathroom no point in even showing this thing!

The Dutch front door, one of my FIRST things I changed on this house!


The TRINKET hutch , where my brick a brack collects

The Bonus room, where I spend most of my time!
The front room,aka UNLIVED IN room, love that bay window though!
and finally heres a few of my most favorite things in my home!

1. Pellas vintage booties, still in the OG packaging.
2. My collection of Limoges, thats just a few, I have tons!
3. My Orla Kiely Canister set, took me a few different Targets to find all three :)
4.My tattoo flash of the circus Boston Terrier and Horse
5. Owl Lantern from Anthro
6. My collage of my DEAREST PEEJ!
7. Pella's 1950's rocking chair
8. The painting of "baby unknown" that was a gift from my dearest friend Tiffany, the best part is not knowing if Pella was a boy or A girl, this baby in the painting acutally resembles her..which is why its so special to me.
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