About MOY!

My name is Marcella T. Friedrich
born and raised in Ventura County CA.
Born April 13th. and I am 25.
Some background; Raised by my dad, I have one younger sister, and 2 older step sisters.
I met the person I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with in 2002, I graduated High School, dappled in college,  and pursued my dreams.
I opened by Modern Childrens Boutique in 2007,  bought a house,  and had 4 dogs.
In 2009 I got pregnant by the man Id spent that last 6 years of my life with, and on Febuary 2nd I met my daughter for the first time, as my world should have been EVERYTHING I always wanted, my world was crumbling apart. I am now a single mother, still have my home, my daughter, my business, my dogs, and most important my SANITY.

Some days are HARD and some days go on without a hitch! Just trying to stay Positive, Happy, and provide a Happy, Stable environment for my little one!

I am not here to be inspired, I am here to INSPIRE. I am proof that good things can still come from a broken family, broken heart, emotional trauma and DRAMA.
I am currently Engaged to an AMAZING man, who also blogs,  and has shown me that NOT all mean are weak, assholes. Our wedding will be in November 2012.

  My business is thriving, My child is 2 years old and I couldnt be Happiper with where my life is today.  I want to be able to reach out to women and even men who feel like they are stuck,

Meet my growing  baby PELLA JAMES.

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