Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Peej Media

Saturday, November 27, 2010


How Fricken cute is this stuff? Makes me wish Peej was of age to wear such lovely clothes...in due time, in due time!They also have adult clothes too! :)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Yo Gabba Gabba Live!

Pellas 1st Thanksgiving came and went, big deal, the real thing I was looking forward to was Yo Gabba Gabba LIVE! Im going to be honest It was a major bonding experience for Peej and I. She LOVED every second of it. WHO CARES THAT I GOT A FLAT TIRE ON THE WAY THERE!!!!
The fun we had dancing and singing to the songs we hear ALLLLL day long made anything and everything that had been bothering me fade away!It was worth EVERY PENNY! Her face light up watching those beasts sing and dance around! She cracked up at the balloons falling from the sky, and was so confused when paper confetti blasted us in the face! If you have NEVER been to Yo Gabba Live, I HIGHLY recommend it! not to mention HELLLLO fuckin Biz Markie was there! "OHHHH BABY YOU!!!!!!!!"

way to end the night with....
BATHTIME!!! in the big tub for the first time!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I would like every pair for Peej.....
ugh SO CUTEEEE! maybe even a little boat shoe for her...

In other news we went to the gastroenterologist
today to discuss Pellas CHRONIC constipation.
Most of you know Ive been struggling for what seems like
9 months or Pellas entire existence with getting her poop.
She goes 6-7 days having NO bowel movements, and when
she finally decides to go, its what I call an "ORDEAL"
I've done everything to soften her stools, and get her poop.
she eats PRUNES, AND PEARS everyday, Laxative everyday, probiotic everyday, magnesium everyday, multi vitamin everyday, YOU NAME IT. so last resort was seeing
a specialist. It didnt exactly go how I imagined it to go, I was envisioning her being poked and pushed on, which none of that happened. Instead I met with a dietitian and went over her diet from head to toe, she calculated everything, and came to the conclusion shes lacking about 5-10 calories per day.... meaning I have to up her formula to less water. OKAY, GREAT.
Then I met with the Dr. who proceeded to look over all of her previous medical history from her ped. looks at me, and looks at Pella, as shes sitting on my lap squealing throwing her toys all over...and says to me "well she sure looks happy" ...my response in my head was "uh not when it comes down to her takin a shit, but thanks" he continues on flipping through her chart and says "Im going to have you up her miralax to 2 teaspoons instead of one, that sould do the trick, and if that doesnt work within 4 days here is a prescription for a syrup based laxative, and I will see you in a month for a follow up!"
Me... "UH ok, so thats it!!! 2 teaspoons...and if that fails, syrup and if that fails???"
He says "Then you call me and well see her back here"
me.. "well ok."
I felt like it was really short lived, but I kept telling myself, hes the DR, not you!
He knows best this is his JOB! so take the advice, and all I can do it try it and it either will work or wont, right?
I was just kind of hoping for an answer as to "WHY" shes so constipated.
but as 2 pac would say "Life goes on...."
heres a video I showed him to show how INTENSE her poo ordeal is.
Its really heartbreaking to watch so youve been forewarned.

this is ideally an all day thing, shell go through phases of working to get it out, get some out,
take a break an hour later go again, etc , etc.... this is just an idea of how truly uncomfortable and painful it is just for her to POOP!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Shake Shake Shake it!!!!!

Lovin my new Boots!!!!
they came just in time for winter!!! hehehe!

I bought Pella this OBNOXIOUS toy today at Target.

Friday, November 19, 2010


Spring 2011

To Die For, need it all.

Thank you bleubirdvintage for sharing!



A Good Night

Went and saw Freelance Whales last night, it was great!
if you havent heard them, check them out! amazing little band.
Heres a video I took of the song called Hannah.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Shop My Closet!

Time to clear out some items that I dont wear anymore!
If your interested in any of these items PLEASE EMAIL me



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