Wednesday, March 31, 2010

As a store owner, what is your feedback on the Orbit system? Worth it? What do you recommend?

I sell TONS of orbits...its definitely an investment. I think its an awesome system!very practical, they have thought of all the little things that other systems lack...especially the new g2 Orbit. I can only think of 2 cons, With the toddler seat on the stroller and when collapsed its a bit bulky, and 2. the car seat is SUPER AWKARD AND too big for shopping carts. overall if you can afford it, GET IT! you wont be disappointed

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Today I bought...

2 new iphone cases....

also the nap schedule is working out wonderfully, we are on day 3!

Hangin out with her friends at work!

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

8 weeks!!

The Peej is 2 months old today!!!
Shes still super duper gassy, Im pretty much at a loss with the gas thing!
I just use a cornbag (a bag of corn kernels I heat up) and she seems to find that comforting.
Her constipation is still on-going, but Ive seemed to get a little more regularity with adding a teaspoon of Prune juice to her bottles.
She is smiling at people, and myself everyday! it melts my heart! its the CUTEST thing EVER!
shes starting to really focus of things, and people as well, she follows movements, makes eye contact, and stares at pictures from books I show her.
Her sleeping has lengthened about an hour or shell go to bed around 10pm and wake up at 4/4:30am however this is all going to change with the new sleep system Im introducing...shes going to be put down for the night at 7pm! HUGE difference, but apparently it helps train them to sleep longer.
but Peej in all honesty is the cutest thing ever!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Healthy Sleep habits, Happy Child

So since Pella has been about 3 weeks old, she totally decided to ditch the naps! She would be awake all day! maybe sleep for a total of 2 hours out of the entire that shes 2 months old, I notice how exhausted she is, her eyes are red, she fights trying to go to sleep, I was using 25 different sleep aides (which I am opposed too) and she was defiant, NO NAPS!So Today was day 1 of the Healthy sleep habits, happy child approach..and I'd like to share was a success today!
she was up at 8am changed her, fed her, burped her, had about 1 hour of wake time , laid her down slept for 1.5 hours.
11am changed her, fed her, burped her, had about 1 hour of wake time , laid her down slept for 1.5 hours.
2pm she was fed, and slept for 2 hours up her aunties.
5pm changed her, fed her, burped her, had about 1 hour of wake time , laid her down slept for an hour
8pm changed her, fed her, burped her, had about 1 hour of wake time , gave her a bath, topped her off with another 2oz, laid her down at 9:30pm and shes still sleeping.

I never realized until I started reading HSHHC (with my kindle on m iphone) how important sleep truly is for these little tiny humans...I'm hoping by her getting this extra sleep, and by me becoming the sleep NAZI, she will be a happier child! just like the book says!

anyone else read this book?? thoughts? experiences? feedback?

Mommy Monday

a couple things ive been eye-balling.....but will never get Im sure.

only $138 at Anthropologie..N.B.D!

farylrobin Madison Wedge $228.00


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Postpartum Check up

Well im a couple weeks off but I have my big POSTPARTUM checkup on Monday..
cant wait for the official OK to resume to my regular activity!
also attempted to take Pella to the beach today, didnt happen it was SUPER WINDY!
But at least I was able to snap a pic of her in her Swimsuit!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Daily Peej

Id also like to share Pella's milestone not going to get too excited too quickly...but i think we may have eliminated the middle of the night feeding..
Yesterday she slept from 11pm-5:30am
last night she slept from 10:30pm-4:30am
I can work with that!

What are you doing to get your body back to pre-baby?

NOTHING YET. breastfeeding. pumping. having a baby solo is a HUGE work out in itself...holding a baby, lugging the car seat around, constant moving around.I dont have time to eat like I used too, I drink a lot of water..I go for walks here and there but im STILL waiting for my UPPABABY stroller to get here!!!!! 2 months later!

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Y dont u drink or smoke?

My dad smoked cigs when I was a kid, My mom smokes weed, my family is full of addicts...I refused to go down that road. and I still have just as much fun being sober,its not a big deal to me I just opt not to do it.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Where are your favorite places to buy clothes for yourself? For Pella?

Well so far TARGET...but I own a baby boutique called DROOL ( and ive been dropping in there and stealing all kinds of goodies off my shelf for her!

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oops and as for myself...

I spend alot of money at Anthropologie, Urban, Target, Etsy, sometimes Free people, American Apparel (only when im skinny) obviously right now im not wearing much of anything thats appealing as I still have some pounds to shed!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Made by Siaomimi $58...NOT sure if I'd pay that kind of money for baby shoes..but they are on the wishlist!

Pella Photoshoot....

So ive been waiting and waiting and waiting for Pellas Photos for her photos shoot when she was 9 days young! and I got the disc with them, and boy!! they are awesome! heres a teaser of my faves!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Liberty Of London

Ok So if having a girl wasnt bad enough for shopping reasons..
Target thought of this fabulous idea to colab with LIBERTY OF LONDON for a whole spring collection of LITERALLY everything a girl could want...
I managed to buy all the picture frames, some stationary,a dress, and loaed up on all infant stuff..even managed to buy it in both 6months and I FREAK or what???

7 weeks!

Here we are Week 7!

Its continued to be rough...lots of personal drama going on that is conflicting with my breast feeding. My stress level is soooo high and bad, I'm producing close to nothing! I am not giving up quite yet, my new goal is 3 months!
So Pella is spontaneously smiling...its so cute. she smiled at my dad today and it melted my heart!
Shes cooing, and pretty much talking...
We do all kinds of little activities, I show her books, Tummy time, I sing to her, I lay her under her activity gym to look at her friends, we go on walks.....lots of little stimulating things!
Shes still super gassy, and Im at loss for why, so I just tell myself shes just a gassy one!
I give her Anise Tea in her bottles at night to help calm her tummy so she can sleep more soundly then be awaken by her gas, and its seems to help! I also got her a little boo-boo buddy that is a bag of corn kernels I heat up and lay on her tummy to help things move along!
She is also battling constipation about sad! She strains and grunts, has huge farts but no POOP! shell go about 3 days with no poops! Its terrible. I give her pear juice in her bottles as well hoping it would work, but its really not. Her Dr. says she should have stools everyday! Im like WHATTTTT!!! theres no way this kid poops everyday! :(
Ive given her 2 suppositories one successful and the other didnt work!
Im hoping she starts regulating all the formula better but Im at a loss with her poops too!
Shes now sleeping about 4 hour stretches at night...Im officailly only waking up one time in the night and its varies between 2:30-3:30am! HOORAY. But I find myself to still be sleepy, what else is new!
I cant believe next week she will be 2 months old! shell getting shots, and ill be a nervous wreck over it!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

favorite bands?

City and colour, The Smiths, Local natives, Jimmy eat World,
Against Me, Lucero, Deer Tick, Delta Spirit, Anti Flag, Murder City Devils, Gas Light Anthem, Iron Maiden, tegan and sara, Bone Thugs! Just to name a few

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Are you using cloth diapers? If so, exactly how difficult is it? Is this a manageable thing for single mamas?

I am not using clothe diapers yet, I am using the huggies oRGANIC DISposables.... however when shes around 3 months old I plan on using Rumparooz clothe diapers and see how it goes!...Its not exactly difficult, its an $$ investment, and is more time consuming ..but we'll see if its "manageable!"

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Cant live without....

Its a must have! its the best little tub ever... Especially if you have a tiny ghetto bathroom like I do, and you dont have good access to the shower to put those big bulky ugly tubs in. This tub is made for standard bathroom counter top sinks. its foam and folds to its shape and can be unfolded to store and and to dry it out. Pella LOVES bath time and I'd like to think its all bc shes so cozy in her little puj tub. they are $40.00 and can be purchased at

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Some questions!

*what's your biggest success in life?
My biggest success in life would have to be my Business, I took a huge financial risk with opening a retail store in the middle of the economic downfall....

*How did you choose Pella James? (so cute btw)

Pella was inspired by the band Pela.... I just changed the spelling..Pella which means "ROCK" in Greek

*What type(s) of music do you play for Pella? Does she listen to your collection or strictly "baby music"?

Pella listens to City and Colour ALOT and her mobile that plays mozart! lol

*how much cc debt do youhave?

I have 2 credit cards that both carry around a $500 balance.. however, other financial debt i.e. my mortgage and business loan over $100k

*What size are your boobs? Would you have gone smaller/bigger if you could do it over?

Right now they are a size E. however when there isnt milk in them they are a big D almost DD, as soon as Im done breast feeding I will be getting another boob job, a reduction, lift and either a small implant or no implant at all if I can get away with it! If I could have done it over again I would have had a reduction and then an implant!

*How were you able to start up your own business? Did you get help financially? Good for you to be young and already have your shit together.

I was able to start up my business with over a year of researching and preparing a legit business plan, getting TONS of financial advise, putting all my ducks in a row and executing! I did get financial help I took out a Small Business loan through my was quite the process but I am thankful they didnt see me and my business as too risky! otherwise I wouldnt have Drool!

Friday, March 12, 2010


Id like to get some questions to answer...So ill keep this link up and will answer them in a future post when I get enough questions!!



Whats in my purse?

Saw a similar post on another blog I!!!!

So now that im a "mom" the contents in my purse sure have changed! lol!!!
Emptying out that thing made me realize how things just cant be organized and clean like they used too! So here is my purse and what is inside!!!!
1. my wallet..filled with plastic and more receipts
2. my car keys with my sweet ass owl keychain
3. my Orgins Lip therapy (best thing ever)
4. my kabooki brush
5. Arbonne Bare minerals kids CHUPIE (pacifier)
7. a paperclip? WTF?
8. an empty bottle of Mylicon for my childs explosive gas
9. A CD with the last month of photos ive taken of Pella
10. a BUTTLOAD OF LOOSE CHANGE (hate coins!!!!)
11. a stack of crumpled up receipts

Next time maybe ill do whats in my diaper bag! lol

The daily Peej!

Monday, March 8, 2010


Ok so lets talk breastfeeding!!!
Ive read books, talked to consultants, attended classes, taken advice from every woman whos offered it to me, tried the herbs, pump like crazy, you name it.
Maybe im one of the few who just cant do it....WHO KNOWS!
but honestly I wish I was more educated before hand with techniques and what I should have done right when Pella entered into the world. But Im close to throwing in the towel with breast feeding. EVERYONE knows Ive been struggling with my supply. I lack SUPPLY! and its a terrible feeling.
Alot of whys, and maybe ill try this , that, and the other thing.
Bottom line in my BIG OLE SIZE E boobs have no more then 2 ounces in them at a time!
maybe these breast implants severed some ducts?
maybe im not pumping/feeding enough?
maybe Im not drinking enough water?
Im getting tired of trying to get to the bottom of WHY...I envy the women in the classes I attend who have "overactive let-downs"
I have a consultant trying to get me to use a feeding tube along with my breast...I DONT HAVE TIME FOR THAT!!!!!!!!
Its frustrating but I am continuing to stick with it until Ive completely RULED out everything and I cant keep up with Pellas appetite.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Today Pella is 1 month old, it went by fast for everyone but me!
Its been the most mentally and physically draining month I have ever experienced.
My little baby girl has been on a PDF type of schedule, and its starting to fall apart a bit with what I think is her first growth spurt. shes up and eating religiously every 2 hours...even at night. A bit rough!
Shes quite the FIESTY woman. she knows what she wants.
She HATES the swing. She HATES the pacifier. She loves her butt patted super hard. She loves to be curled up on her tummy propped up on my chest. She takes FOREVER to eat.. breast and bottle. She has terrrrrible gas! (which im trying everything to help treat shes on Gentlease formula, Mylicon, Zantac, Gripe water, and now Pro-biotics) It breaks my heart to watch her strain and scream all from FARTS! poor baby. Shes so strong, she holds her head up, is defiant with keeping her arms up in her face when I try to feed her and I cant move them without feeling like I could break her little arms, shell kick her legs out and literally launch herself off my chest.
Shes CRAZY! and I love her!
Happy month 1
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