Thursday, June 23, 2011


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Sick kid.

Yep, Peej is sick, which means LUCKY ME, I get to wake up every couple hours to let her know I'm there, comfort her, put her chupe in, put her back in her sleeping position, administer motrin, give her a bottle, WHATEVER SHE NEEDS!
with that said.....

here's an appropriate bedtime story

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Gut punching desicions

deep breathe Ive always been the person to bite the bullet, be the bigger person, as many times as there have been in the last 16 months of wanting to keep my daughter all to myself and say FUCK IT, I havent. I've dealt with the instability, the headache, the lies, excuses, the close to NO support from her better half. Im not going to sit here and bash the man, or say things out of hate, but I am human, and I'm exhausted and tired. I have over exerted myself time and again, I am constantly taken advantage of, my time and MORE IMPORTANTLY my kids time is being wasted.
I filed for custody and support back in December of last year and WHY THE FUCK I dont have my court yet is BEYOND me!!!! Ive touched base BI-WEEKLY with my attorney, following up with what the fuckin deal is and STILL Nothing! Im told I should have something in the next week. OK GREAT, so my gut punching decision is to not deal with BD, until the order is in place, meaning I wont wait around every week to see if hes going to show or not. His obligation of being her father is to be financially responsible, morally responsible and psychically responsible, out of these all my daughter gets is him showing up, wanting a pat on the back and respect from ME b/c he SHOWED UP.
Its extremely frustrating to stay on the right path of PEACE between him and I, when he puts NO effort into making that possible. Hes got baggage, hes got his priorities out of whack, and its not fair to me or Pella. He has never had consequences for his parental actions, where my life is nothing but consequences and sacrifices. I know what Im choosing to do is temporary, and is the best for my sanity at this moment in time. Ive tried being the communicator, Ive tried being nice, Ive tried moving days and times around, Ive asked him for $0 ever since he decided he didnt want to "support me" (his idea of what child support is) and personally I just dont give a fuck anymore. I carry BOTH our weights, and emotion!!! Pella is too young to know whats going on, to know her dad is all over the place, and to be affected by all of this. Im hoping that by withdrawing him from her life until we have a court order, will make him wake up and smell the roses, see the big picture! I am struggling with this choice, some people will probably say Im crazy for not doing it sooner or Im crazy for not letting Pella see her dad, but to those people who dont live in my shoes... all I can say my intentions are NOT to keep my daughter from her dad, its something Ive decided is necessary until we both have set boundaries and guidelines....

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers Day to all the amazing men who are taking care of their responsibilities.
My dad is always and will always be the #1 most important person in my life!
He not only raised my younger and I, but hes sacrificed so much for my sister and I.
He is hands down one of the most amazing men on the face of this planet! I am so blessed, and Pella is equally blessed to have such an AMAZING gramps!

and to us single moms, with LAME AS EFF BD'S
Take today to be proud of all the hard work you do!!!
Its an unfortunate situation for some, but in the end of the day our babies have us!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Boss Lady Sarah! aka. Seeb

This weeks BOSS LADY, is uber special!!
Meet Sarah, other wise known as Seeb to myself and others in our Hood! Thats right! this Boss Lady is my neighbor, and new to blogging mom world! What makes her so special? Well, shes a BAMF, married with 2 kids, 1 dog, a house, and a garden, shes got a busy life, but handles it LIKE A BOSS!
She is also so very great for any kid of parenting advice! When I first had Peej she was there BAM RIGHT QUICK, trying to help me breastfeed, and figure out all the newborn kinks, all while she was pregnant with her now 1 year old Finley. aka Finnery! She was a shoulder to cry on when I was going through my HELLISH period with BD, and I cherish our friendship very much. As busy as we both are I hope you know Seeb you're a dear friend, Love YA!

Name: Sarah or Seeb
Where do you live: Southern California
Child(s) Name & Age(s): Curren James Urbain 2.5 years, Finley Sage Marie 11.5 months
What's your favorite thing about being a mom?: Definitely seeing my kids discover their environment around them, we love to travel with them and always try to make weekends an adventure by going to the beach, hiking, museums..even doing yard work is fun for them.. just getting out and letting them touch everything and watch their little minds explode! It's crazy..from the moment Curren and Fin were both born, we were picturing camping trips, vacations, sports...we live for them. It's the best when your kid does something awesome and you can look at your husband or partner and smile.. and just share that experience- knowing you both have endless love for them.
What's your least favorite thing about being a mom?:It would have to be a toss up of the lack of sleep, and the noise level, my brain cannot function with a lot of noise..none of my kids toys have batteries, and all wires have been cut accordingly!
Tell us something unique about you: I grew up raising sheep, pigs, horses and every other animal on this earth haha
Tell us why your kid is the Curren is the because he is ALWAYS up for anything, he has zero fear of taking a risk (he is always covered in cuts and bruises) and as scary as it can be for ME, i love his sense of adventure, he is also very social..just at the parks yesterday he rounded up a group of 4 year olds and got them to play freeze tag all over the park, he is usually the one to get the party started (hopefully this will not continue into the High School years!!).
Fin is the because she is SO CHILL, thank God. She is super easy going, and ALWAYS happy. She also has been a great nurser from day one, which has made breastfeeding this time around a breeze, she'll nurse anywhere at anytime. She's never taken a bottle- the longest i've been away from her is 2.5 hours and it's honestly been totally fine. Curren is a different story, I need breaks from him a little more OFTEN! I could count on one hand the amount of times Finley has cried and I didn't know why, she is one happy camper, and very content.
One of your favorite "remedies/ or tricks of the trade"(for gas, teething,sleep,ANYTHING): Its so different for every kid..but for teething, Curren slept a lot better when we elevated his mattress with a few books under it (and lots of tylenol). For Fin, doing the I LOVE YOU massage on her tummy ALWAYS rid her of gas, within a minute or so..found here.., kind of random but when she was constipated the Nap Nanny was just the right position and she would always go within mins of putting her in there.

Monday, June 13, 2011


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Friday, June 10, 2011


For about 3 months Pella has been walking along furniture, refusing to walk on her own! I never pushed her to walk on her own, shes on her own schedule, always has been, always will be! Sat up at 7 months, crawled at 10 months, walked at 16 months!
I figured by 13-14 months shed easily be walking around, not so much! She went from furniture cruising to demanding to hold my fingers to walk out in front of me.... one month....two months....almost 3 months of finger walking, yesterday was the day SHE decided to ditch the fingers! For the entire day yesterday she was WALKING, "Look ma no hands!" I literally internally cried, my baby is a TODDLER!!!!!! now all she needs is some teeth!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer MUST haves

Taking a minuto to go over some of my pick for Summer necessities.

1. Little Twig Sunscreen
ive had my fair share of experimenting with all the brands of baby sunscreens/adult SPF's especially with my tattoos I like to keep looking fresh and having had my skin cancer scare back in middle school a good SPF is extremely important to me. I was recently in Vegas, and Havasu, which are 2 places for a guaranteed sunburn, and I brought this sunscreen.. Happy to report I came home from both trips SUN BURN FREE!
Some important points about this SPF its: non-chemical, water resistant, no mineral oil, organic ingredients, unscented, Paraben free, nut, soy, wheat free, NOT greasy, & NOT irritating.

2. Chivas vegan Lip Balm

made from local farm raised goats milk, this shit is the on the lips!
its a little pricey $5-7 a tube depending on where you buy it from... its worth every cent.

3. Skip Hop Zoo Pack
Now that Peej is a big girl, as much as I love my PPB sashay satchel, Peej got the Owl zoo pack for her birthday and it seems to work perfect for daily outings and trips to grandpas!

4. Tea collection rompers
I love love Tea Collection its all pre -shrunk, true to size (for the most part) and REAL cotton!
The prints are always super cute. Theses rompers are perfect for the summer!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Your Best SHOT

I entered this photo on The Paper Mama's contest for "YOUR BEST SHOT"
its not the best as far as quality goes, but the shot itself is MONEY $$$
and its so relevant to my everyday life! Peej and her pups ALL DAY EVERYDAY!

The Paper Mama

Wordless Wednesday!

y'all peep her ONE and only tooth way back there?

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Did ya MISS ME?????

I know its been FOREVER since Ive updated my blog!!! I was really hoping tohave had my new site all done by now, but its not and I have an itch to blog!
I haven't updated since April!!! geez that is a long time! So much has happened and Ill do my best to fill you all in....
where do I start? I can start with I am now 26 years of age! I officially feel a little old! lol.
I am STILL single, by choice of course! Not to say I haven't had any men in my life period, just no one special enough to call MINE! I still find it at times extremely frustrating, but I am still honestly too busy raising Peej, working, and with summer here squeezing in as much activity as possible. Im pretty much all healed up from my surgery I had back in March. I am very satisfied with the results considering I am 3 months post op. what else? Nothing has changed with BD hes still a massive pain in our asses, but thats just part of life. Finally have a court order coming through in a matter of days, so that should be really fun.
Lets talk about my lovely daughter! She is now 16 MONTHS old!!!! CAN YOU FUCKIN BELIEVE IT??? I sure cant, I am sad shes growing into this little lady!! I actually happen to LOVE this stage shes in though! Of course shes still a little behind with some things. She isnt fully walking on her own yet, she holds my finger or walks from furniture to furniture to walk along, only taking about 6-8 steps with "LOOK MA NO HANDS" and gives up! I am not discouraged by this, I know homegirl is just being lazy! SHE FINALLY.....
.:::DRUM ROLL PLEASE:::....Has a tooth!!!!!!! YUP, Pella's first tooth was her 2 year molar! NO BIG EFFIN DEAL!!!! everyone Ive told has literally died laughing with confusion, A MOLAR??? yeah, what can I say my kid is special! Im sure you're all dying to know how her POOPING is... and I am pleased to inform you all she is pretty much cured from constipation!
It only took 13-14 months to figure out, Pella cant do Diary PERIOD. and she must have a serving of BRAN to help keep things moving along. I have not had to use MIRALAX in over a month maybe longer! Its such a relief! We substituted Cows Milk, for Coconut Milk. and she LOVES IT. I also give her Coconut yogurt in place of cows milk, and or soy yogurt.
Her favorite things to much on are French Toast stix, strawberries, and bananas.
She seems to not be into meat, Ive tried them all, and the only one shell take more than 3 bites of is a HOT DOG! TYPICAL!
She is really really working on her vocabulary, she says "mum" "mama" "dog" also makes barking sounds, and "da", "boat" she makes sheep sounds and duckie sounds.... but thats about it as far as clearly spoken words... otherwise is just jiberish rambling.
She LOVES to dance, play the piano, yell at the dogs, wear necklaces, put on makeup, kick, and pinch, <---NOT FUN, and go to grandpas!
Her last check up was at 15 months and she was 16lb 3oz and just shy of 28" tall.
shes STILL tiny as ever, but healthy as can be.
so there is my little update on US! I promise I will get back into the swing of things here shortly!

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