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Monday, August 30, 2010

like Mother, like Daughter

and the WINNER IS.....

Congrats Girl you will soon be the owner of a Modern baby book!
The daily votes paid off!
if you can email me what book, you'd like :)

Teach me how to dougie FAIL.

do you have any belly cream reccomendations for preggos?

earth mama angel baby makes good products.

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I completely agree with you on not trying to sugar coat your blog. It really bothers me when I read other blogs and they make it seem like their life is so amazingly perfect and they have the perfect everything. And this is why I love your blog!


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gotta love DENMARK.

Now if I could have gotten my grubby paws on this crib I sooo would have.!.
Ninas house crib

and this Amazing baby furniture by UbaBUB.

heres some other goodies I stumbled across, except its all AUSTRALIAN brands.(typical)

Did you ever think of getting an abortion?

is this a joke!? LOL.

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Will you share some beauty tips, tricks or products you love?

I can share with you the little tips and tricks I do have.
for a skincare system I use Eminence Organics products, Stone crop gel face wash, poppy seed scrub and Stone crop toner, AMAZING product.
As for my hair which alot of people ask how I get it so blonde, I tone the SHIT out of it.
Makeup, only use Concealer from MAC, powder foundation from Bare Minerals, and bad girl lash mascara from Benefit.

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This FACE.

This face is what perfection looks like.

Heres a couple more ADORABLE photos of the Peejaleej!

My new Pella necklace. yeah, that cost a pretty penny.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

ok no judgement here...only curiosity, are you at all concerned that someday Pella may see some of the things you have written about your BD? Some of it is pretty negative. Does that worry you?

no. She will see her dads true colors someday, and she wont be seeing this blog by the time shes old enough to even take anything like this in. mind you most anything i blog about has close to nothing to do w. her dad, and if it does its therapeutic for me to express my feelings. however, i get that people may be offended by some posts but i cant please everyone. and im not going to "sit pretty" and pretend like lifes perfect and having a baby is the best thing ever like most other bloggers. this is my life... Single, with baby, trying my hardest to deal with a instigator for my childs dad.

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Look what I can do!

ATTTENTION! Pella can finally hold her own damn bottle, this is BIG NEWS!

Secondly i know its a tad late, but better late then never, Peejs 6 month TEE pics heres a few that did not make the cut.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

you look so pretty with your hair curled. :)

thank you!

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wheres peejs 6 month onesie picture? its almost time for 7 months :D

I KNOW!!! IM SO BEHIND! eeeek!!!! :(

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Fall Garden

So here are some pics of my garden moving along into fall,
I got some pumpkins, squash, lettuce, watermelon, jalepenos, tomatoes and some chilis.
I also made my FIRST batch of homemade salsa!

Now this is a WEDDING!

Found this AMAZING wedding on my friend Allisons blog,
I am speechless! It was beautifully mastered ! Now, I'm not huge on weddings, and marriage, I believe for me if it happens it happens and if it doesn't its not the end of the world!
But, when I see a wedding like this, it does give me a tiny itch to hopefully someday be able to plan something AWESOME like this, where I get to have all my friends, and family in one place celebrating the LOVE I hope to have someday for a special Mister!!!
read every little detail about this wedding and more photos HERE!
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Does bd ever express his regrets to you

on the REG! but I know its not sincere, and its why I am very unsympathetic toward him....

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Your hair looks super cute styled wavy! Is it natural? If not, how do you do it?

thank you, its naturally wavy, but in those pictures I actually curled it with a curling iron

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If you had the option to be a family with both parents would you?

At one point I tried to be a family, and gave BD the benefit of the doubt, but he chose a different path, I know I will find someone someday who I can have a family with.

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Does bd ever express his regrets to you

On the reg, but its a very frustrating thing for me to hear. Id rather not listen to the smoke he blows up my A**. If I knew and felt it was sincere, I might be a tad bit more sympathetic, but in the end of the day you can only trust yourself.

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"Tell me something about your heart"

I found this AMAZING blog, compliments of my friend Nicolas Routzin who is "BEAT 129" telling the world about his "heart" As I scrolled through I found this lovely little lady Dylin

Now I hope someday Pella tells me her heart is Sparkly and Happy!
what a great blog idea!


If I had a boy....

I would be going cuckoo over everythinG Mister Mista has to offer if little Peej was a little BOY!
feast your eyes on the best boys company I have yet to come across....
They have sweet clothing, prints, height charts, tons of fabulous wall decals, greeting cards, and cool eggs that hatch into a bat!

You're So Good to ME!

This weekend I took Pella to her FIRST dodger "DOYER" game, it was 500 degrees but luckily our seats were in the shade! She loved all the noise and CHAOS! she even managed to take a little cat nap in my lap during all the hustle and bustle! I love this kid more then life itself! Shes so special, so funny, so SERIOUS, so honorary, and regardless that she gives me a TOUGH time here and there, in the end of the day shes so good to me! :)

and check out Peej's new "cowgirl" PJ's, yeah shes one badass MOFO!


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What city do you live in?

Somis, CA.
which is pretty much Camarillo,

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Does it upset you that your bd is in love with someone else

Absolutely NOT. I actually feel bad the poor girl. since BD is clearly a nightmare.

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Monday, August 23, 2010


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Sounds like BD is a nightmare! Why don't you take him to court for child support or stop visitation all together? Is he a good influence at all on Peej?I'm just a blog reader but I love you and Pella and want only good energy around you both!

Court is DRAMA, BD is DRAMA, so Id prefer to keep everything as least complicated as possible. I wouldnt say hes a great influence, but he shows up and does what hes "supposed" too, so whateves. THANKS A BUNCH! :)

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Chewbaca time

Friday, August 20, 2010

baby Massage


Super excited about this giveaway from Edna Mae's Modern Baby books!
Back when I was pregnant with the "bean" at the time, I hunted HIGH AND LOW for a gender neutral, modern but yet whimsy looking baby book. I found EXACTLY what I was looking for on Edna Mae's Etsy shop a year ago! I loved the fact she makes pregnant pages to add to your book, photo pages, and extended age pages, i.e. 13-18 months. These books are LOVELY!!!!
Below are some photos of Pella James' baby book!
One lucky winner will receive a Modern Edna Mae baby book of their choice!

You know the drill to enter, please Vote for this blog by clicking the link below,
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