Sunday, November 1, 2009

26 weeks and a Baby Shower!

Its been awhile since I updated the blog, but there hasnt been much to blog about .
Im all moved into my house in Somis now. I took my Glucose test last Friday, waiting for my results possibly tomorrow. I think I passed! lets keep our fingers crossed.

Today I am 26 weeks, 6.5 months, and have 98 days to go
! woo-hoo!
I had my first ever baby shower/ welcome home party. It was such an awesome day surrounded by people who are my support system! Surrounded by people I love and care about so much!
I am so blessed to have such amazing people in my life!
I still feel my baby movin around constantly, and im beginning to get tired by the days end!
I feel huge! but im told otherwise lol.

Katie (the host) and I!

Candles for the guests

My "Nothing Bundt Cake"

My favorite gift, and probably one of the coolest gifts Ive ever received in all time was this painting , painted By Jyll Ethier-Mullen "Sickfeet Art"
I love her work, and to have a custom painting by her is so awesome! and touched my heart!
mommy, daddy, and the "Bean"

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