Thursday, January 6, 2011


recently read Danielle over @ Sometimes Sweet blog, and thought to myself, Its been forever since Ive browsed through my myspace albums, considering they are albums that have been there for YEARS! some were not as old as I thought and brought back memories like it was "just yesterday"
but its been 3,4,5 years past! Its insane to watch time FLY by. but I thank you myspace for having a safe haven for my cherished memories.

Here I am on my 18th Birthday!

Some Party in Bel Air i think 2006

lake trips!

My 21ST Birthday Party bus to HB

21st ZERO drinks in my hand, thats how I roll

White Trash bash

our only Married friend Allison's bachlorette party

more lake trips with OLD OLD FRIENDS!

Halloween 2009
lake trips!

birthday group dinners! OLD friends

70's party

more lake trips

me and maaaatt

beach days

Grand Opening of DROOL 2007

Downtown LA living!

Halloween 2008

Kim and I

more bday dinners!


  1. haha cute! i think you need to come to hawaii and party with me..

  2. ha i love this! I might have to do this. I LOVE looking at old pictures.

  3. So awesome! There are some really cute ones in this bunch.


  4. this is so fun! Im totally going to do the same. I dont even know if i have the login to my old myspace!


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