Thursday, September 29, 2011


Today is September 29th, my last post was in JUNE.... Im such a terrible blogger, but the honest to god truth is, between facebook, instagram, twitter, and tumblr, I have been so occupied. I have been missing out on documenting all of the AMAZING things I have going on in my life as of late.
So where do I start? Lets start with Pella, she will be 20 months on October 2nd, as I type this tears come to my eyes. My baby is not a baby! Her last well check which was 2 weeks ago she is 18lbs 6oz and 33" tall, still tiny little girl. Since the last update there is lots of news with PEEJ!
shes got a mouth full of teeth, 3 are coming in as we speak, so she is a snotty, crabby mess!
She was recently re-assessed for an early intervention program, in which she is eligible for services for one year. An early intervention program for her includes both Physical therapy for her strength, and weaknesses, and occupational therapy to continue to work with her sensory, tactile, and motor skills. Im really happy about starting a mommy and me "speech program" as well to encourage her to talk and to help me better communicate with her. She is not talking much, says a handful of words, and speaks GIBBERISH all day long..... shes trying.
As for her constipation issues they still exist and I have been diligent with trying to treat these issues. I had her on a Gluten Free diet, for 2 months in which did NOTHING. We were back at the gastro specialist last month, in which I was told to INCREASE her MIralax intake, and up her liquids intake. This has seemed to work here and there, we are week 5 of this new approach and she good days and bad days. Overall I feel like this is just something that is genetic and I am going to do the best I can to help her when she has tummy issues. I had her tested her Celiac Disease, and a food allergy blood panel in which were all negative, I was relieved.
I recently decided to enroll her into an in-home day care, in which she loves!! I love it too b/c I am able to go to work knowing she is close by, interacting with kids her age, and having fun, rather then be bored by herself stuck at home with a nanny!
Pella has continued to blossom into a beautiful, hilarious, old soul...I just LOVE the age she is at right now, and I wish she could just STOP growing! here some recent photos of the PEEJinNATOR!

As for me, well A L O T has changed with me.
The last update I ranted about my BD (DUH!) and about how over I was with being NICE and being taken advantage of...and blah blah. Well, court came and went. A judgement was made, and I am content with the fact there is now BOUNDARIES, and I am getting financial support.
I'll stop there.
I found LOVE. Yep. I am officially in a relationship with a MAN (for those of you idiots who thought otherwise) He is EVERYTHING I could ever ask for in a man. I really never thought Id be in a relationship, which how young Pella is, I didnt really know how I would ever have the time to dedicate to getting to know someone. Then I meet this man, who understands and accepts me, and my situation (mind you I thought these kind of guys didn't exist) All the qualities I look for in a man in todays world cease to exist... BOY did I think wrong. I was terrified of letting my guard down, terrified of commitment, and terrified of being accepted as a single mom who has BD baggage. We met in May, and here we are in October practically and I couldn't be happier. Its refreshing to have met a man who loves me for me, and accepts my child and loves her. It melts my heart to be able to feel these feelings of sharing my child with someone who appreciates the small things Pella does, and says. I felt so alone when Pella was an infant, I was alone...I shared all the things Pella did with myself and virtual world on this blog, its not the same being able to share moments with someone you love. I feel extremely blessed to have met him. Im really excited for what our future holds. I told myself from the get go I wasnt going to compare him to my past, or let my past hold me back from being happy.
It feels really good.

the in between, work and home, its all a pain in my ass, but I deal! lol <3

Im really going to try and update this more often as so many of you have expressed YOU MISS ME! :)


  1. You have been missed for sure. Pella is such a cutie!!

    And congratulations on the love. You make a dashing pair!

  2. Congratulations girly!! So happy for you!!

    I am also super excited for Pella and her therapy! My son was not talking at all when he hit 24 months. The only words he knew were dada, car, and ball. Anything else he refused to say. He was placed in speech therapy and it HELPED him sooooo much!! Just in a few months of having therapy his vocabulary was already expanded. I think he needed a third party to reinforce what I was teaching him at home. Now he is almost 3 and is speaking in full sentences!

  3. So happy that you're back :) and very happy for you guys! Sounds like you're doing fabulously :)

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