Thursday, September 20, 2012

hey remember me?!

Its been forever since i have blogged, but I'm HAPPY to say after months of having to try and retrieve my dashboard from an email crash I had associated with business account. I am back!!!
I always take these stupid breaks in blogging, but I feeling more dedicated then ever to blog on a regular basis again. 
My last post was Easter, in which a lot has been going on from then to now. I have been planning  wedding, took a trip to San Fransisco  Chicago, and am in the process of making some new business decisions. I've been spending ample time with Pella, doing all kinds of things. We spent countless days at the beach and in our backyard this summer!Shes getting so big :( 
Pella now has a baby brother, yep her dad had another baby. As in the past I would probably not have anything nice to say, I think its a good thing, Pella really loves her "baby brodder" and her dad moved down the street from me, so we are pretty much neighbors and its been very convenient.  
So I guess I just do a little follow up with some photos of things Ive been doing to update you all..

 Current PEEJ. sweetest lil thing ever.

This was my Bridal Shower this past weekend. 9/16
My best girls! (Bridal Shower)

 Nick best friend Sherm and Hailey had a baby boy! 'Jack'
they asked us to be his godparents! we were honored!
 A couple summer beach pics!

 A couple Chicago Pics, Peej and I outside a little candy shop, and Me sitting 103 stories up in a glass box! scariest and yet most amazing thing ever !!
 Our County Fair had an interesting LLAMA in the petting zoo.
 Pella decided to dump out her diaper powder all over her bed and JUMP! 
funniest thing I think I've ever seen.
 weekend outing pic
 4th of July, me being a bad parent letting my kid play with fire
 Beautiful BIG girl
 Disneyland pic. clearly not havin' it.
 Pella the nude enthusiast singing her heart out.
 Peej and her best boy friend Rylen
 Mothers Day zoo trip
 FAMILY Dodger game outing.
 SAN Francisco trip
 Pella's First dance class.

 Chicago Childrens Museum, BEST childrens museum.!!!


  1. Loving all these photographs. Pella is so beautiful!! Welcome back to blogland! I missed you! <3 xojo

  2. You are in fabulous shape miss! You'll be a gorgeous bride! And the baby powder pic.....oh my! I have fun stuff to look forward too!

  3. Why on Earth would you have not so nice things to say about him having another child?! He is MARRIED. How about you get off his ass and worry about yourself.


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