Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Marcella and the baby Bean

Well im starting a little late with the blogging. but better late then never.

Name is Marcella, 24 years old, in a relationship (6 years), and 15 weeks and 2 days pregnant.
its been a BUMPY last 3.5 months, found out I was carrying life, while at work, being confused as to why the target brand HPT were giving me a bunch of Negatives, so I splurged on a digital HPT and low and behold, that little hour glass was spinning and BOOM "PREGNANT" emerged.
from there is was ALOT of Whats,Whys, Should I's, Whens? etc....
I live in Downtown LA in a beautiful loft, and babys daddy Joey lives back home in Camarillo.
so its been tough with distance being thrown into the mix while pregnant.
Just so this doesnt turn into a full blown novel, ill catch ya'll up real quick on the last 3 months, so from here on out it can be just subtle updates.
Im now in my 2nd trimester. I went to the Dr. at 6 weeks and was able to hear the heartbeat, which melted my heart.
went back at 10.5 weeks and got to see my little "bean" for the first time in a human form. which was SO amazing....
Joey and I decided we are not going to find out the sex of this baby, we want suspense! and surprise, so this is where "Bean" comes from, I refuse to call it "IT" or "he/she" so its just bean!
I also my first trimester screen which was hilarious, little bean was kicking, flipping all over, jumping around, and even sucking his/her thumb. It really made me start to realize, OMG Im carrying LIFE. so here I am now at 15 weeks, with my next ultrasound not scheduled until Sept.
I have been blessed thus far with NO SICKNESS what-so-ever, NO barfing, NO sensitive smell, NO weird cravings, and for the most part not much except Sore boobies, and a few migraines, here and there. Lucky me!

My roomate/ best friend and I have decided start a photo story with this pregnancy which we update 2 weeks, and it started at 14 weeks, you can follow this story here: http://kcla.wordpress.com/


  1. Marcella,
    I'm so glad you started this blog, I can keep up with my baby Bean and you, very nice job Marcella it touch my heart. Love you & Bean very much.


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