Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Over the last few weeks Ive been experiencing what they call "Round Ligament pains"
and they dont feel good at all, im assuming my little uterus has to really stretch to accommodate for the bean...which is great, but at the cost of some painful cramping! Last night I woke up to it and could barely turn over it hurt so bad. but hey! it could be worse right?

The countdown is on for THE ABC EXPO is Las Vegas, its one of the biggest baby & kid tradeshows, and this will be my second year attending. Im really excited about it because ill be able to SHOP and order some goodies for the bean and I! :)
heres a couple things ive been thinking about buying while there....

This is a portable crib I keep telling myself I "need"

This is the actual crib ive decided on.

And we'll soon see what else I end shipping back home!


  1. OH god, the round ligament pain. I remember it all too well. That was probably some of the worst pain I ever experienced. Hopefully its calmed down for you by now.

  2. Ok... so totally late on commenting on this. But I also had round ligament pain... Fyi... its worse the more kids you have!! Just so you know.


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