Thursday, December 31, 2009


2009 You came and WENT!
bring on 2010!
This year has by far been one of my MOST bittersweet years of my 24 years alive. I have memories from this year that I'll remember FOREVER.lets take a look back into 2009 and it begins with ringing in 2009 in my Downtown Los Angeles PENTHOUSE LOFT will all my best friends

Then came Valentines Day!
then some FUN weekends

then My 24th Birthday wellllll spent in Vegas!

then a BABY came... in May, confirmed on JUNE 16TH 2009. Life as I knew it was going to change...and in 9 short months Ill be a mommy!
then A short lived Summer!

and then a FALL that was gone with a wink of an eye!

and then CHRISTMAS, that came and went too..
SO HERE WE ARE DEC.31st 2009!
Happy New Year!!!
Marcella, & what was I called at one time a baby "BEAN" :(


  1. aw very cute! i love seeing your year as it progressed!

  2. Happy New Year to you too!! You're so cute. I especially love what looks like your Halloween costume? with the face on your belly and feet. Thanks for sharing!:)


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