Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Merry Christmas to MEEE!!!

Well Christmas 2009 sure came and went!!!I'm a bit sad how fast time is going by, pretty soon Ill have a baby and then it wont be a little baby anymore :(
I had a SUPER AWESOME Christmas surrounded by my close friends and family! I got my FLIP CAMERA! And Reebok Easy Tones to whip me back in shape POST BABY!
My best friends threw me a little Dinner party/baby shower
it was turned out nice! I received a lot of necessities to prepare for the baby!
they did well!

Im 34 weeks and 3 days prego today....I have 5.5 weeks to go, or 40 days!!!
so so close to being done! I feel huge. I get little feet stuck in my sides....and elbows in my pelvis
It takes me what seems like minutes to turn over while sleeping, which before I didnt even have to put thought or effort into turning over while sleeping. My bladder is being smooshed daily.
Ive discovered some nasty stretch marks on my thunder thighs......and thats ok...better there then on my stomach. For the most part I really dont have much discomfort or complaints...Im convinced most women are just NEEDY, AND LAZY...and make excuses to make everyone else do everything for them.


  1. How fun!! You're sooo close! Can't wait to see pics of your darling baby.

  2. What an adorable pregnant girl you are :)


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