Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I would like every pair for Peej.....
ugh SO CUTEEEE! maybe even a little boat shoe for her...

In other news we went to the gastroenterologist
today to discuss Pellas CHRONIC constipation.
Most of you know Ive been struggling for what seems like
9 months or Pellas entire existence with getting her poop.
She goes 6-7 days having NO bowel movements, and when
she finally decides to go, its what I call an "ORDEAL"
I've done everything to soften her stools, and get her poop.
she eats PRUNES, AND PEARS everyday, Laxative everyday, probiotic everyday, magnesium everyday, multi vitamin everyday, YOU NAME IT. so last resort was seeing
a specialist. It didnt exactly go how I imagined it to go, I was envisioning her being poked and pushed on, which none of that happened. Instead I met with a dietitian and went over her diet from head to toe, she calculated everything, and came to the conclusion shes lacking about 5-10 calories per day.... meaning I have to up her formula to less water. OKAY, GREAT.
Then I met with the Dr. who proceeded to look over all of her previous medical history from her ped. looks at me, and looks at Pella, as shes sitting on my lap squealing throwing her toys all over...and says to me "well she sure looks happy" ...my response in my head was "uh not when it comes down to her takin a shit, but thanks" he continues on flipping through her chart and says "Im going to have you up her miralax to 2 teaspoons instead of one, that sould do the trick, and if that doesnt work within 4 days here is a prescription for a syrup based laxative, and I will see you in a month for a follow up!"
Me... "UH ok, so thats it!!! 2 teaspoons...and if that fails, syrup and if that fails???"
He says "Then you call me and well see her back here"
me.. "well ok."
I felt like it was really short lived, but I kept telling myself, hes the DR, not you!
He knows best this is his JOB! so take the advice, and all I can do it try it and it either will work or wont, right?
I was just kind of hoping for an answer as to "WHY" shes so constipated.
but as 2 pac would say "Life goes on...."
heres a video I showed him to show how INTENSE her poo ordeal is.
Its really heartbreaking to watch so youve been forewarned.

this is ideally an all day thing, shell go through phases of working to get it out, get some out,
take a break an hour later go again, etc , etc.... this is just an idea of how truly uncomfortable and painful it is just for her to POOP!


  1. Poor baby! So heartbreaking :(. Hoping/praying the Dr.'s solution works asap!!!

  2. if you dont mind me asking, what is the poop like when it finally comes out? is it really hard? i read that newborns and stuff have to learn how to push..maybe she hasnt developed those strong pushing muscles yet for whatever reason? or is the poop like crazy hard? either way, poor pella. makes me sad :/

  3. I'm so sorry that she (and you) have to go through that! I really hope it gets figured out! I started crying while watching that video. My daughter is about a month and half older than Pella but tiny just like her, only weighing 15lbs 1.5oz, I don't know if I could deal seeing her in pain like that. It looks miserable. I really hope that what the Dr said will help. Glad to hear you are trying probiotics, bummed its not working though.
    If what the Dr says doesn't help, I would suggest going to a Chiropractor that specializes in Cranial Sacral and Pressure Point work. My daughter and I go to one and just by pushing on certain pressure points they can relieve different issues going on within the body. My sister also goes to her and she has major constipation issues as well and she works on her tummy and can feel that she has digestive issues and is definitely helping her. It's totally non abrasive. The first time I took my daughter at 2 months, she started sleeping through the night and did for 2 months. It was pretty great! Good luck!

  4. okay maybe i should be a gastroenterologist? all i have to do is tell people to take miralax. easy.

    anyway, that video is HEARTBREAKING. poor thing.

  5. aw that's terrible :(
    I've seen so many babies go through this at the daycares I've worked at, it's somewhat common. But so distressing!
    Hope the doctor's advice works for her.

  6. uuugh, this was SO heartbreaking. poor little honey :(

  7. poor little peejers. i can't imagine how uncomfortable she must get going that long between pooz. i hafta say tho, at the beginning of the vid before she get's really into trying to poo, when she's cuddling to your shoulder; she's absolutely the cutest kid ever. even trying to grunt out a poo. <3 her

  8. My niece had a similar problem, and (at least in their situation)the constipation was largely caused by the vitamin supplementation. You might try to cut it out for a couple of days and see if it helps you guys at all.

  9. I feel like I just watched a video of my own son. I hated not being able to make him go, so he'd stop hurting. It got so bad that once he could go, he'd fight it because he thought it would hurt like it did before. He's 3 now, and we just now got him to go on the potty..after coaching and helping him forget. It's stressful for both parties, so I truly empathize from the bottom of my heart. All I can say is keep doing what you're doing. If you suspect that it's more than her diet, if it's a muscle issue..something internal that needs to be checked out. Do it. Go with the momma gut, because sadly unless we're adamant and get second opinions a lot of things go undiagnosed or mistreated.
    You're a great momma, momma!

  10. poor peej! I really hope they can come up with something to help her out. This is just heartbreaking!

  11. my daughter was like that to i pretty much took all food and just gave her her formula for a few days then slowly started giving her fruit then veggies and she seemed to be alot better. sometimes when u give too much to a baby or even yourself your body cant work on its on:) i hope your little one gets better and starts being able to poop without pain!:/ xoxo you two are so lovely to read about!:)


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