Friday, December 31, 2010


2010 was the best and worst year of my life, but Ive come out on top.
I have a beautiful, healthy, hilarious daughter who I love more then words could ever say!
We are stuck like glue! I look forward to 2011, as I will soon have a 1 year old! YIKES!!!!
As for me Im staying optimistic and positive. I refuse to let the negative baggage get in my way of living the dream. I may have been put through hell this last year, and wasnt sure if I was even going to make it out alive at some points, but I did, and Ive come a LONG way, changed in ways I never thought possible, overcome demons. I walked away from it and havent looked back!
CHEERS suckers!

and my NEW YEARS 2011!


  1. yay! love seeing all the newborn pics of Peej and glad that you've put your "situation" behind you.. ;o) heres to a great year for you guys!!

  2. I hope 2011 is amazing for you and Peej! What a beautiful montage!

  3. I follow you on twitter. Love your twitpics and tweets. ALways cracking me up!

  4. craaaazy how similar our blog posts are sometimes!!!
    my 'hoods up, glocks out' post is just like this!


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