Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Day in Photos.

Every morning I wait for Pella to wake up, and when she does I get her out of her crib and bring her into bed me, we snuggle and watch Yo gabba gabba on the ipad until we both are ready to start our day!

Peej pickin my nose

We got Aunty Kelly's Christmas card in the mail, and I asked Pella where "Big Lar" was and here she is pointing to Big cute!

Lovely Day outside today, so I put Peej in the swing so I could do a little clean up in my backyard, and feed the dogs

We went to Toys R Us ...and I picked up Peej her two Christmas gifts from Santa; a baby doll (b/c what little girl doesnt have a baby?) and a Bath Tug boat for the bath!

After Toys r Us we went to Marshall's Bodacious BBQ and I had a sandwich and salad, Peej had some Turkey/sweet potatoes...and some of my garlic bread! :)
on the way home from Toys r us and Lunch Peej EXPLODED. all over the car seat and herself...this is very typical when she decides to poop! the clean up sucks BIG TIME! but after months of blow used to it.
After Peej had her evening nap we headed to TARGET to pick up some last minute x-mas gifts nd other necessities we scoped out the BRA section, and I tortured her with a size 48F big deal

Peej loves TARGET

Heres some goodies I picked up for 8 teenage foster girls for christmas goodie bags! always feels good to give back!

Put Peejers to bed and wrapped all my Christmas gifts!
Its OFFICIAL Christmas in the Friedrich home is COMPLETE!


  1. Wow! Alyson hasn't had a poop diaper like that yet and I'm dreading that day lol. Is 'big liar' supposed to be your ex? Oh and you have a BIG backyard for a house in CA lol.

    The Sweetest Life

  2. You know you're a mom when you can look at a picture of a kid with doodie all over them and not be grossed out in the least.

  3. What a fun day sans the poop incident!

  4. Holy crap at that blow out! Jack had a couple awhile back and I'm still scarred from them.

    I love your fire place!

  5. i just clicked over to your blog and liv started pointing at the picture of you in the blog header saying 'mama mama' lol so silly.


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