Saturday, June 4, 2011

Did ya MISS ME?????

I know its been FOREVER since Ive updated my blog!!! I was really hoping tohave had my new site all done by now, but its not and I have an itch to blog!
I haven't updated since April!!! geez that is a long time! So much has happened and Ill do my best to fill you all in....
where do I start? I can start with I am now 26 years of age! I officially feel a little old! lol.
I am STILL single, by choice of course! Not to say I haven't had any men in my life period, just no one special enough to call MINE! I still find it at times extremely frustrating, but I am still honestly too busy raising Peej, working, and with summer here squeezing in as much activity as possible. Im pretty much all healed up from my surgery I had back in March. I am very satisfied with the results considering I am 3 months post op. what else? Nothing has changed with BD hes still a massive pain in our asses, but thats just part of life. Finally have a court order coming through in a matter of days, so that should be really fun.
Lets talk about my lovely daughter! She is now 16 MONTHS old!!!! CAN YOU FUCKIN BELIEVE IT??? I sure cant, I am sad shes growing into this little lady!! I actually happen to LOVE this stage shes in though! Of course shes still a little behind with some things. She isnt fully walking on her own yet, she holds my finger or walks from furniture to furniture to walk along, only taking about 6-8 steps with "LOOK MA NO HANDS" and gives up! I am not discouraged by this, I know homegirl is just being lazy! SHE FINALLY.....
.:::DRUM ROLL PLEASE:::....Has a tooth!!!!!!! YUP, Pella's first tooth was her 2 year molar! NO BIG EFFIN DEAL!!!! everyone Ive told has literally died laughing with confusion, A MOLAR??? yeah, what can I say my kid is special! Im sure you're all dying to know how her POOPING is... and I am pleased to inform you all she is pretty much cured from constipation!
It only took 13-14 months to figure out, Pella cant do Diary PERIOD. and she must have a serving of BRAN to help keep things moving along. I have not had to use MIRALAX in over a month maybe longer! Its such a relief! We substituted Cows Milk, for Coconut Milk. and she LOVES IT. I also give her Coconut yogurt in place of cows milk, and or soy yogurt.
Her favorite things to much on are French Toast stix, strawberries, and bananas.
She seems to not be into meat, Ive tried them all, and the only one shell take more than 3 bites of is a HOT DOG! TYPICAL!
She is really really working on her vocabulary, she says "mum" "mama" "dog" also makes barking sounds, and "da", "boat" she makes sheep sounds and duckie sounds.... but thats about it as far as clearly spoken words... otherwise is just jiberish rambling.
She LOVES to dance, play the piano, yell at the dogs, wear necklaces, put on makeup, kick, and pinch, <---NOT FUN, and go to grandpas!
Her last check up was at 15 months and she was 16lb 3oz and just shy of 28" tall.
shes STILL tiny as ever, but healthy as can be.
so there is my little update on US! I promise I will get back into the swing of things here shortly!


  1. Nice to see you back!

  2. back in the ball game! i love the magnifying glass picture!!

  3. I totally missed you. Congrats on that mean tooth!

  4. glad to see you around here again!!
    go read my new post.... ;0)


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