Thursday, October 20, 2011

The hardest part

How was your morning? MINE, was HEINOUS!!!
My normally sweet happy, cheerful, hilarious child was taken over by a demon!
I swear for ONE solid hour I had this demon in between my legs screaming, whining, and more less throwing her first REAL tantrum. 
I kneel down looking into those red, puffy eyes, asking Pella "What?" "What do you want?"
"snack?" "Juice?" "Shoes?" "Justin Bieber?" <-- always cheers her up 
Pella's reply "EHHHHHHHH! WAHHHHHH!" pushing me away only to throw herself down to her knees, smash her face into wood floor and cry. 
Folks, this went on for ONE hour!!!!!! I finally was beside myself, OBVIOUSLY I could be no help to this demon. I put her in her crib with some juice, her paci, a book, closed the door behind me and didnt look back!! I continued to get dressed for work! 
The HARDEST part about what happened to me this morning was that helpless feeling!
I now have this toddler who doesnt want to be cuddled anymore, and doesnt want my assistance with out her asking for it first! Its really HARD staying calm when the tantrum is in full force! Its really HARD to watch my kid gagging herself bc shes SO MAD, over NOTHING. Its really HARD to run out of options to offer her to TRY and tame the TANTCH!(short for tantrum). Its really HARD to NOT yell back at her! 
This is just a minor example of how HARD parenting, single parenting in my case really can be.



  1. Awe! I'm sorry. We have all been there. It is so challenging when they just won't shut the hell up and all you really want to do is SCREAM back at them. My daughter is doing the same thing, she cries and whines all the time and she used to be such a sweet, easy kid and she still is most of the time until she decides to just break down for no reason. I think you did the right thing, but probably because that is what I would have done too.

  2. Aww, so sorry to hear you're having a rough time with her :( I don't have kids so I can't even begin to imagine how hard it is to reason with someone who can't clearly tell you what they're upset about. I hope this phase passes quickly for the sake of your sanity! <3


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