Thursday, November 3, 2011


here is Pella, fresh out the bath being filmed by my boyfriend.... we both think FRESH OUT THE BATH is Peej's "FINEST MOMENTS"

I also had a breakthrough with SPEECH!
Pella combined her first words! its nothing to CRAY, but im happy shes making progress in her communication!
shes been saying "UP" and I usually tell her before I "do" anything for her, "what do you say" she'll respond with "PEEEES" (please) So yeaterday she wanted up on this chair at a restaurant we were at and I waited...AKA 'OWLED' and she said "UP, PEEES"
I was so proud of her! Love my Peejers! 

THRILLED to say Ill be attending City & Colour tonight in Downtown LA, for those of you who havent given them a listen! Check it!


  1. Congrats to Pella! What a breakthrough :) I bet you are a proud mama!

  2. yay for putting words together! That video is hilarious!

  3. the always entertaining PEEJ! yay for the word combo!!

  4. haha, that video was so funny!


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