Thursday, January 19, 2012

DIY color utensils

Because Im currently brainstorming like a MAD WOMAN over my wedding details, I have been bookmarking some of my favorite DIY ideas to make my wedding everything Ive ever wanted AND didnt cost me MUCHO MONEY!

Utensil Dipping DIY: We started with purchasing a kit of Plasti-Dip, one that you could custom-tint to whatever color you chose. From there, I knew I wanted to achieve an ombre effect for each place setting, dipping each utensil with a shade just barely different from the last. I chose to use the lightest shade for the largest utensils, closest to the plate, and have them graduate darker accordingly. Plasti-Dip is EASY to use and fun to tint to whatever color you’d like to achieve. To make it easy on myself, I started with the darkest shade of green and worked my way lighter by adding a touch more white to each round of dipping. And the best part? It’s completely easy to remove if/as desired, and peeled off like a charm when I was done with it. Though, if I hadn’t peeled it off, who knows how long it could have lasted! It did not feel cheap or temporary at all!



  1. we used random thrifted silverware for our wedding - i really wanted to do this to it but never got around. i have been toying with the idea of replacing my house stuff with it and doing this first - thanks for the tip on the pasti dip!

  2. oooh! gorgeous! i love it! :)


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