Tuesday, January 3, 2012

HELLO 2012!!!!!!

As I suspected 2012 started off GREAT! I got a new car a 2012 Chevy Tahoe! 
SO happy to be out of my old Audi that was a fricken money pit and was always breaking down on me.

But lets skip that because getting a new car is nothing compared to how my NEW YEARS EVE ended!

and I said YES!!!!!

Thats right people the once single mom, who had the rug pulled out from under her over and over, is going to be a MRS.! eeeppp!
As I type my mind is going 10000 mph! Im so excited, and happy! I never in a million years thought I'd find someone who compliments me SO WELL, and who loves everything about me! I was so used to getting ridiculed all the time for WHO I was, and not appreciated for WHO I am !
I am so blessed! I truly thought Id be single for a LONG time, which was fine with me, because Pella is my #1 priority! Almost 8 months later I have found myself to be deeply in love with the dude I will one day marry! I really feel with all my heart everything happens for a reason, & certain people are brought into your life for a reason! There is NOT one doubt in my mind about getting married, or why it wouldn't be fabulous idea! Our relationship is simple, and easy. We both get each other, respect each other and love each other! Its an amazing feeling! 

I bet your dying to know how it went down!?

Wellp, The night started off at the Restaurant he took me to our first real date on, The Sunset restaurant in Malibu. I didnt really think anything of it at first I figured we were going there because they had a nice little NYE package dinner and its has amazing food. We ate dinner and then I was told we were going somewhere else to ring in the New Year, but it was a surprise... I still didnt really think anything of that either. We ended up in Hidden Hills pulling up to none other then OZZY OSBOURNE's house! Nicks friend is good friends with Jack and he invited us to come over there to celebrate! Now I reallllly didnt think anything of it being a surprise because I was too busy thinking to myself "Ugh yeah this is totally a surprise and AWESOME!!!" walking into this BEAUTIFUL home, into the kitchen and there stands Sharon, Ozzy, Jack, and 10-15 of their friends! I'm not one to be "star-struck" when I see celebrities, but HELLO its not like Im walking down some street in LA and walks by some random celeb! I am in the HOME of the Ozzy Osbourne! SUPER CHING if you ask me! They were VERY welcoming and humble! It was really cool to see a family who has endless amounts of money and fame be so down to earth! It was refreshing...BUT ANYWAYS! We all stood in their living room counting down to the New Year! The BALL dropped, I kissed my man, and that was that! Another year in the books, welcoming a new one! When it was all said and done, Nick asked me to come outside with him, so I did... he grabbed my hand and walked out into their HUGE GORGEOUS yard that over looks Hidden Hills... stopped, turned me to face him looked and me told me he how much he loved me and got down on ONE KNEE, and popped the question!!!!!
In that exact moment of that happening I was completely taken back... thinking to myself "NO FUCKIN WAY!" and I even managed to say it out loud..."NO WAY!"  But when it came down to saying yes of course I did! I never really thought about how I would react to a proposal.  In that moment I didn't feel like it wasn't the right time, or had any doubts to be honest. All I felt was happiness! I've never felt that feeling of someone wanting to be committed to me forever like that. I've known nothing other then let down from people I love with exception to my dad! When all said and done, he put this AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL ring on my finger and that was that! We walked back hand in hand to our group of friends and told them I said yes! Everyone took a bunch of pictures, of us and of course hit the interwebs with the NEWS! We walked into Ozzy's house where he was sitting at the table and he asked "SO WHAT DID YOU SAY!?" "WHENS THE WEDDING!?" I'll never forget that moment, Its the happiest moment I've experienced next to giving birth to Pella! Im so so so happy! Here I am three days later looking at this ring on my left hand and its a constant reminder that I have someone who loves me for me, loves my daughter, and has made the choice to be my future hubs!

AH! just tearing up thinking about it!  :)

No date set yet, I just want to enjoy our engagement, enjoy each other without the stress of planning a wedding right now, and when I feel like its time, I will EXECUTE!

What I wore! 
Dress: Nastygal Vintage
Hair flower: H&M
Shoes: Jeffery Campbell


  1. Congratulations - what a wonderful engagement story...so memorable! Love the ring...but love the love even more!

  2. Shut up! Ozzy's house? AS IF that story could get any cooler. You are of course one of the coolest people ever so, you SO needed a story this awesome.

    I am just so so thrilled for you. Enjoy the engagement, the planning, the lead up, ALL OF IT. It's such a fun time. And I know you're not the type to get all fucking nuts over it (you know, bad nuts ha!).

    So much love for you, and so happy for you and Pella! Um, I cannot WAIT to see her flower girlness!

    PS - when hubs proposed to me, I said, literally "are you fucking serious?" as he balanced on the lava rock out in the ocean in Hawaii. Way to ruin the moment lol.

  3. Such a great story! Congrats to both of you! Soak up that love girl!!

  4. Congratulations!! That's a freaking awesome engagement story, definitely one to remember. Plus, gorgeous ring. You deserve all this happiness! <3

    (super jealous you met Ozzy btw!)

  5. Marce!! I have tears! I'm SO happy for you, you're said nothing but the sweetest things about Nick and when you talked about how he is with Pella I had...tears then too. I've seen you come from a dark place, to such happiness and I'm just really really happy for you! and nick! and Peej! Very exciting! What a freakin rad moment to have Ozzy Osbourne ask you what your answer was, you will be so glad- come wedding time to have this all jotted down :) CONGRATS! LOTS OF LOVE TO YOU GUYS!!

  6. Holy Geez- Right on! Congratulations to you both, this is hella awesome. xoxo

  7. So awesome! I am so happy for you Marcella! And Pella!!! Congratulations xoxo

  8. That is hands down the most exciting proposal story I have ever heard. Congrats Lady!! You deserve it. And of course you looked gorgeous! You're little love story has totally given this single mama some hope. All the best and happy new year!!

  9. OH MY GOODNESS! Congrats to you & your future Mister. And to Pella too, of course! :)

  10. Congratulations! What an mazing night and gorgeous ring! Your man sure knows what he's doing all around!

  11. congrats!! Such a fun story to tell!

  12. Congrats. I'm so excites for you.

  13. OZZY!! No effing way.. Too cool. Congrats on your engagement!!! That's soooo beyond the best start of a year for sure!!!! :-) So happy for you!! Summr904

  14. Im way so super excited for you Marcella you deserve it big time. Reading your blog a year ago and reading it now it's like a totally different person in a good way. you are so happy and optimistic and you deserve it! Pella too! Im so excited to see you plan and your family grow!

  15. How romantic!!! And what a kick ass place to be proposed to AND to ring in the new year. Here is to you, and your new family. CONGRATS!

  16. That's the coolest engagement story I've ever heard!

  17. Ohhhh how cool is that, congratsss

  18. I loved this post... I just found you and your blog and I´m having a hoot (instead of putting my lil´one 2 sleep.... bad mommy!) I have a similar story and I love seeing all the different ways we can be unexpectadly happy! Congratulations!
    Greetings from the land of Jalapeños!

  19. I somehow just read your engagement story. This might go down in history as the best one ever. You got engaged at Ozzy's house and with that ringggg dang lady :) Congrats!!!!


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