Thursday, September 3, 2009


Over the last few days, I want to believe I experienced the first bouts of fetal movement...however it can only be compared to what it feels like to have bubble guts.... except I know this isnt "gas"
So im convinced the bubbling, kinda of popping, fluttering sensations Ive been having is in fact little bean swimming around... and it makes me happy. I know soon Bean wont have room to swim around, so enjoy it now little one, because soon enough you'll really be kicking, and I definitely wont be confused as to what that "sensation" is.
And for the 30 books Ive read that say it feels like "butterflies", I beg to differ...
I think they should say "Between 16-20 weeks, you will soon feel fetal movement, it can best be described as what your stomach most likely feels like after you eat Mexican Food"
If that was how it was put, I probably wouldn't be second guessing myself.
"No farts for me, just Bean swimmin around"

18 week photos and update coming soon.

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