Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Beans first Oringal ART piece

So some of you may know my admiration toward "Where the Wild Things Are"
and Im so excited for the Movie, and I love the book!
whats even greater about being such a huge fan of it, is the Bean doesnt have a choice but to be a fan of it also! :)
So I went to a "WTWTA" art show a couple weeks back, in Los Angeles at the Nucleus Gallery, held by the best blog ever! Terrible Yellow Eyes
and I made a big purchase of an original digital art piece by Jason Caffoe
Special for my little Bean!

here it is;
and here it is hanging in the gallery;

Soon it will grace the wall of my nursery.


  1. that is soooo awesome! i'm a fan of wtwta too. i think the movie is going to be so amazing. i plan on getting some really awesome movie posters and framing them nicely.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Marcella, and thank you so much for buying the piece! I'm glad it's finding a home in your nursery, that's exactly where I was hoping it would end up :)


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