Friday, September 18, 2009


Im back from las Vegas, and it was a big success!
I ordered all my furniture, my rug, glider, and some clothe diapers!

Unfortunately I got some really terrible news while I was there, my uncle Johnny had lost his battle with cancer. He had his family right by his side, and passed away peacefully. When I think of this side of my family Im so bummed we aren't as close as we all used to be as kids, and teenagers....I hope this will bring us all closer together, and my bean will be able to know and have a relationship with his/her extended family! We'll see.... So this weekend I will be attending all the services to celebrate his life! Rest In Peace John Borchard Friedrich II.

Today I've lounging and catching up on some much needed sleep... My little bean has been KICKING like crazy! pretty much all day, I don't think this kid has even napped in there in today! lol! this weekend ill be 20 weeks so I will updating pictures, and will officially have hit the HALF-WAY mark in the pregnancy! WOOT WOOT! :)


  1. sweet dude! hey, if you're going to go cloth, check out fuzzi bunz. they're seriously the most awesome cloth diaper around.

  2. Hooray for half way! I was still happy and comfortable until about 32 weeks. After that...well, that's the time that gets you ready for the big push! By the end of the last few weeks I was willing to do anything to step out of the pregnant world and into the parent world.

    Cloth diapers are great, not nearly as troublesome or gross as I thought. I haven't tried Fuzzi Buns (I do hear they're great though) but we use BumGenius and I love them.

    Best of luck and thanks for following my blog!


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