Thursday, October 8, 2009

Baby Shower coming up!

Having my First baby shower on NOV 1. being held by some close friends in my hood, kind of a "Welcome Home" thing, since Im moving back to Somis on the 19th...mind you I havent EVEN started to pack yet. :/
I feel so blessed that I have so many friends and family who are so supportive, and care so much about the Bean and I! Thanks guys! :)

I got my Invitation to the shower, and Its soo cute! I love it!

I have a Dr. Appointment today, kinda nervous, I opted to not get my second trimester screen done, because I'm confident everything so far is good. Lets just hope he doesn't tell me i'm gaining too much weight, or my placenta hasn't moved up!
I'll update my blog tonight again with any significant information! :)

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