Thursday, October 1, 2009

RUMPAROOZ Cloth Diapers

Well, I sourced about 6 different Cloth diapers at the ABC show in Vegas....
You name the brand I got the spiel!
and I have to say I was very impressed by this company which I inevitably ordered for myself, but for my store also.
Now, keep in mind I know NOTHING about cloth diapering except for that it is cheaper, more time consuming, and better for our mother i'm no expert when it comes to really knowing pros and cons when it comes to actual use of the diapers, but I will say, I know babies.... they piss all over, and can have EXPLOSIVE poops!
So heres the WINNER!


they even have what they call "lil joeys" for preemies and Newborns which I think is great..

they also have both closure options, snap and aplix which is a plus too!
ANd an awesome selection of both solid colors and prints!

you can find ore information about Rumparooz and purchase here: RUMPAROOZ

BTW I loveeeeee this weather we are having today "santa ana winds" Happy October 1st!


  1. okay, i have to tell you that fuzzi bunz is my personal favorite. they are very very popular in the cloth diapering world. i've bought a ton and i can tell the quality over some others that i've bought. you should really check those out too.

  2. I totally checked out FUzzi Bunz,(which was the only other company I was debating between making the investment with) and a few I got at trade shows....however, Im sold on Rumparooz, double gussets to help prevent leaks, overnight 'extra' insert, velcro closure over the snaps, and the poop scoop to help prevent up the back explosive poops....Im sure Ill utilize my fuzzibunz when these are washing , or just for the hells of it...but check these out too :)

  3. alright, cool! i will. isn't talking about poop and pee so awesome!?

  4. I just saw these diapers and now I am bummed that I already own so many. I bought a few different kinds and most of my stash is FuzziBunz and BumGenius but I saw these today and wish I could try them out!

  5. Its never too late to try these, yeah they are a little pricey at $23.50 , can you return any of your other ones that you've stashed, or haven't used?


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