Thursday, October 15, 2009

Nursery additions

Been debating about "nursery wall colors" and I came to decision im going with 'swiss Coffee' walls , which is pretty much White. and chose some really complementing Tree decals to put on the wall. I found them on, and I think they are going to work out JUST perfect.
Its crazy I have this amazing vision for my nursery design, but it requires a lot more space then I realistically have to work with. Bummer!
I don't even think the 5x8 rug I bought will end up fitting as "imagined" it too.
I went with a "concrete grey" color to match my Oeuf Sparrow crib....
I will post pictures of my progress with the nursery as soon as I actually move into the home the nursery is in. The big move-in day is Monday! So excited, but sad to be leaving Downtown LA. I love it. and it was FABULOUS while it lasted.

how cute are these pillows?!

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