Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cowgirl in the sand

A song I love oh so much, a lovely Neil Young cover done by Dallas Green called Cowgirl in the sand.

Today Pella got to meet her cousin Myles for the first time, they are one month apart and I know by the looks of it you'd think Meezy is the older one, but he's not Peej is the 6 month old and Meez is the 5 month old. He is so cute and most def am a little jealous because Myles is sitting up on his own like a big boy, holds his own bottle, and can lift up on all fours and rock back and forth in a crawl stance!!! Peej does NONE of this yet, but she's also about 10lbs lighter ... with patience Pella will get there! so heres some photos from today!


  1. Aww they are too adorable!
    I love Pella's little dress. :)

  2. super cute! i too love her little dress/romper thingy :]

  3. peej's hair is really coming in! (hey, change out my button for my new one lady!)

  4. haha! soooo adorable. Pella is a little thing like my little girl is. :)


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