Tuesday, August 10, 2010

6 months

Pella is 6 months old!!! and its flown by!
She weighs 12lbs. 10oz. and is 25.5 in long!
weight is 4th% isle and height 50th% isle
Shes still my mini me!!!

We are going to attempt solid foods again, as last month we had to stop b/c she was sooooo
constipated and wouldnt sleep at night from her tummy hurting.
Sticking to Prunes, Peas, Pears, and sweet Potatoes.
I swear this kid and her constipation its TERRIBLE!

Shes becoming her own little individual! She has a HUGE personality, she loves to smile, and for the most part is a pretty happy baby, compared to the baby I gave birth too! lol
Shes not sitting up yet, but shes become quite the grabby abby! Grabs at everything, and laughs. Shes so stinkin cute! She LOVES Animals. and HATES being on her tummy, still! She truly is a water baby! shes so content in the water! Everyday she becomes a little more animated and a little stronger, its amazing to watch her development!

As for me? Well Im making SOLID progress! I have good days and I have bad days, but I am Human! If I said motherhood was AWESOME , I would be lying. as it has its perks it also is very challenging, especially doing it as a single parent. I am at a place in my life where I am becoming accepting of singleparent hood. I wish I didnt have to share a child with BD but It is what it is. Ive given myself alot of credit with how Ive dealt with this guy, bc he is NOT EASY to deal with....but the less complicated the better, he just seems to not see things in that perspective. We wont go any further into that. I know it will take a long time to reach a place of complete closure, but my god for what Ive been through I feel liberated. I was and still can be at times a person who isnt always satisfied, but with having a child I learned that its not about me EVER anymore, Im lucky to get the time to myself I get, but the times I am by myself I always THINK about Peej, and miss her, and wish she could do everyyyything with me!
I see a alot of other girls struggling with their BD's and I want to shake them !!! Its all about that baby! why fight for something that IS NEVER GOING TO BE the way you want it? You cant change people, but you can change yourself and how you react to certain situations. This is why there are so many children affected by broken homes.... I dont care what Dr Laura says, but a happy child can come from a single parent home, and of course with cooperation of both parents if both are actively involved. I came from a single parent home, raised by my dad, and I am a happy person with exception to things I at times feel like Ive lost control of! But thats me being a human, figuring out what works and what doesnt, what makes me happy and what doesnt. Im a thinker, maybe even too much of an over analyzer, and or worry wort, but at the same time Im careless and feel cold with some things.... I guess where Im trying to go with this is life is all choices, and ive spent a long time blaming other for why I am or where I am in my life, and that all bULLSHIT, I control my life, my happiness, and who I am. So you just have to constantly tell yourself that when it feels like the world is crashing down! and those feelings are ALWAYS temporary, so why dwell? Its MUCH easier said then done, but you gotta shit or get off the pot!
Cheers to my half year old baby beautiful healthy girl!!!

What Im listening to?
OLD 97's


  1. Aww yay! :)
    That first picture is adorable.

  2. She is adorable!!

    I found your blog on The Doe or the Deer's link up, I love it!


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