Friday, August 6, 2010

Peej LOVES Lake

The fambam and myself spent the last week at the Lake.
It was perfect weather! She did a great job, as always! Whined
ALOT through the night only because homegirl is attached to her crib! she dozed off while boating, splashed around in the pool, was passed around from family member to family member, and not one meltdown in the 3.5 hour drive there and back! SUCCESS! She loves her life!

Also Peej is officially 6 months old now, I will be posting a 6 month follow up after her DR appt, Monday. Plus some heartfelt spilling of my guts and where I am as far as BD and just life in general....its so GOOD.


  1. i love the pictures!! especially the top few with the lake and the deer!

  2. the photos are great! they really put into perspective the amazing life you live. seriously, awesome!

  3. How do you get your photos to collage together like that? Is it an iphone app? Which one? I LOVE it.



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