Friday, September 10, 2010


So, Fridays are lookin pretty serious for blogging.
I decided I am going to document my Post baby body transition.
As its no news having a baby wrecks your body, and for some its easier to "bounce back" than others. I feel like im one of those middle of the road people, as Ive shed close to ALL my baby weight is pounds, I suffer from "problematic areas". Some of you may call them your "FUPA" OR "SADDLEBAGS". Whatever the case I have some extra junk, and Im working super hard to get my bangin body back. so here goes nothing!!!

Pre-baby I weighed 106lbs which about 6 of those pounds are in my boobs!
heres me one month before I got knocked the fuck up!

then I got pregnant and ate WHATEVER the fuck i wanted which was corrales burritos about once maybe twice a week!!! Final weigh in the day before I gave birth, 156lbZ
Yep, people I managed to pack on 50lbZ with little Peej.
heres me a week before Peej entered the world.

and heres me exiting the hospital FAT AS FUCKIN HELL GET OUT!

Now today 9-10-10
I weight 114lbs and my measurements are
Shoulder/chest - 38 1/2
Chest - 34 3/4
Bra line - 27 3/4
Mid-stomach , above belly button - 28
Below belly button (the area you want to work on) - 35
Hip, at your widest point - 36 3/4
Left thigh 21 1/2
Right thigh 21 1/4
Both biceps measure the same - 9 1/2
Dont get me wrong these arent "bad" measurements, but I have a goal to be toned, fit and healthy. My goal in weight is anywhere from 105-110. Im not too worried about weight as a number as I am for my body to look psychically different, and theres where the measurements play a MAJOR part in my transition. heres me TODAY.
So with that said I will measuring and weighing in every 3 weeks to track my progress.
Let me tell you a little bit of what exactly I am doing.

First off I am supplementing with Advocare Trim system.
below is a breakdown of what this system consists of.

In conjunction with TRIM, I am training 2 days a week for 1 hour, all core, strength and some cardio, the days I do not train during the week, I do one hour of solid cardio.
I take the weekends OFF! or I count lugging my kid around everywhere and taking her on walks as my cardio for the weekend! <--FO REALZ!

If anyone else wants to join the journey of "BABY BOUNCE BACK.", or if posted something similar to my post, share your journey and results!!! please feel free to post your blog and lets start a baby bounce back trend in the world of blogging! :)


  1. Wow, you lost a lot! Good luck getting to your goal!
    I'd so join you but I had a c-section and I want to fully recover from that before trying any fitness plans. I was 97lbs pre-preg and ended at 136lbs, so I gained 40lbs!! I also ate whatever the hell I wanted, which was mostly chips and del taco burritos! lol

  2. i'll be joining you on the journey just not posting any pics. my goal is to get back to 125 - gained 35 pounds, which i guess is not bad, but can't seem to loose the last 5 pounds which is all in my mid-section. I'm doing Insanity 4-6 days a week and during the week i do one class of pilates. so there it's out there. maybe i'll post the results when i look Awesome:)


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