Friday, September 3, 2010

Health SCARE! 7 MONTHS, d-land and PEAS

Ive been slacking Ive had alot going on in the last few days...

First and foremost on Wednesday I got up to get Pella out of her crib, picked her up put her on the changing table to change her diaper, nothing was out of the ordinary, she was happy as can be like every morning. I looked at her face and was shocked to see her lips were BLUE. I felt her body, her face, and hands everything was warm, except her little hands but her hands are always cold in the morning. I took her out to Kim to see if she noticed anything strange, she immediately noticed the blueness. I wasnt super worried since she wasnt lethargic or choking, or had any difficulty breathing. I was out the door to work and told Kim to keep an eye on it, I spoke with her 45 minutes later, apparently the blueness subsided and then reappeared after she ate her bottle. That worried me so I called her DR. they told me to bring her in immediately, now I was worried. Brought her in. had oxygen test done, heart rate checked, lungs checked, ears,nose and throat checked, all were NORMAL. My dr. urged me to admit her to the hospital to have a sleep apnea test, have a cardiologist take a look at her as she does have a heart murmur, and all necessary blood work done. I was preparing to spend the night in the hospital with my baby, when my dr. called me to take Pella to the cardiologist right away to be seen as an outpatient, so I did... lugged her up to the cardiologist, hooked her up to the monitors for an EKG, and then a thorough ultrasound of her heart. Well, she passed all test with FLYING colors, PERFECT HEART, Normal murmur. The Dr. says the blueness could be attributed to her body regulating a drop in her body temperature, as every child is different and some more sensitive then I went home with Peej happy to know its not heart related, but still a mystery!
You can honestly never be prepared enough to get blindsided with a possible health concern with your baby!!!

Thursday, as Pella had a clear bill of health, we were off to Disneyland to celebrate her 7 months of LIFE! She loved it!! We were there at Noon-7pm NO MELTDOWNS! success!
She truly is an amazing baby!!!

And today, FRIDAY we tested out PEAS. Peas definitely a NO-GO!
she hated them as you can tell!


  1. I can totally understand your panic. When my son was only 3 months old he had a small break on the top of his arm... its a very long story and we still dont know how it happened. But I was terrified on soo many levels... Im sooo happy Peej is healthy :) and my son is almost 4 and healthy as a horse :P

  2. I can imagine how terrifying that must have been for you. She looks like such a little trooper on the hospital bed though! I'm glad everything is ok.

  3. That is definitely strange! And scary! Glad she is ok. She is adorable by the way, i love your blog


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