Monday, September 20, 2010


As you all may know, or dont know, Pella has had a lingering cold here for the last week, or shes hardcore teething, I'm not really sure which it is, maybe its BOTH. But her nose is running like a faucet, that's a good sign. She has not had a fever, so that's a plus, but on top of her runny nose shes CHOMPING on shit HARD, has a diaper rash, which isn't a common occurrence, and a dry with that said I am CONSTANTLY wiping her nose and its starting to become a bit raw :(
BUT I BOUGHT THIS WONDERFUL TOOL, AND if you dont have one you MUST run out and get one today!!!!!

the electric nasal aspirator!!sucks out those boogers like nobodies business, and doesn't seem to make her go insane while doing it! She is actually quite interested in what is up her!
I just squirt some 'Lil Noses' saline up there, and SUCK THAT SNOT OUT!

by Safety First.
can be purchased at Babies R Us or Target, or here!


  1. I'm definitely going to have to invest in one of these! My little girl is always congested!

    Little Sugar Monster

  2. wow! sounds so much easier than that orange bulb from the hospital. thanks!

    love the new banner by the way. hilarious and cuuute!

  3. WHOA. I WILL BUY. also, check out boogie wipes. i use them for wyatt and they're super moisturizing and have saline in them.


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