Monday, February 18, 2013

Baby on the brain

Lately I have been racking my brain with should I attempt to take a shot at baby #2?
Because Pella was completely unexpected and a TOTAL surprise, the whole thought of planning to have another baby gives me pure anxiety. All the what if's, is it a good time, can we afford it in the long run, we only have a 2 bedroom house, Pella already has a half sibling would it be too much for her to have another half sibling, will she understand shes loved just as much even though Nick isnt her "dad" and we have a baby together, do I want to go through all the pregnancy downs, weight gain, migraines, woddling around.... I dont have an answer to any of these questions that run through my brain when I think about having another baby. What I do know is that, both Nick and I deserve nothing more then to experience the whole pregnancy, birth, and infant thing, considering our pasts, I want NOTHING more then Pella to have someone she can grow up with, be friends with, bond with, and enjoy the little things in life with. I know people have multiple children everyday in smaller dwellings then we live in, and they make it work. I know I have PLENTY of love to share with one, Id have PLENTY to share with 2. So with the whole baby thing on my brain I thought Id write about it, get some feedback, and post a few inspirations for potential baby #2's tiny little nook of a nursery.

I salvaged a vintage Jenny Lind crib from a thrift store months back, and my heart is dead set on painting it and it being the focal point to the design of what Im going to call the baby's 'Corner' 


  1. i have two kids with my first husband and two with my husband now, and there was a never a question that our hearts grew to fit them all and they always feel part of "it all" and each have their special place and relationship with us and each other.

    you are an amazing mama to pella and i can only imagine she would be the best big sister!

    i seriously so excited to hear that you are starting the planning for #2! eeek, so excited for you!

  2. Gosh.. how exciting!!! Don't let money, space and all the pregnancy downers take over your mind. Think of the big picture, for we know how fast time flies by. ( My two- Ellis Wyatt 6 months & Moxie Mae 2 1/2 yrs)
    Imagine Pella with a sibling to grow old with and larger family dinners and all the happiness a family brings.

    So glad to see your recent posts. I check in here & there in hopes for an update.
    Hugs from GA

  3. Nice to meet you. My name is Ellie Coburn. I blog over at and run the women empowerment organization over at I couldn't help but be attracted to your blog as your love for Pella is kind of contagious. All this exciting talk about a new baby love + sweet pics of the baby girl are a huge inspiration point for my organization and your awesome mothering is seriously precious.

    I could go on for days about how much I adore this sweet corner of the internet (design + all) hope to connect with you sometime soon!! Can't wait to come back soon!


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