Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pella is 3!

Last weekend was Pella's 3rd birthday (Feb 2nd), Instead of a huge birthday party, we opted to take to her to the snow for the first time! We headed up to Mammoth Ca. rented a charming little cabin in tucked in the hillside for the weekend! Nick, myself, Nicks family and my family all made the 6 hour drive up to be part of the festivities! We were there 3 days and she loved every second of it! It was honestly the cutest thing to see her all bundled up in snow gear!

Yesterday Sunday the 10th I decided it would be fun to throw a small little party for Pella's closest buddies! It was a "Native American" theme, if you would consider one table of decor a "themed" party LOL!

I honestly remember as if it was yesterday giving birth to her, holding her in my arms soaking in the realization of the bond I looked forward to having with my daughter, at 3 years old, I know that bond I anticipated having with her one day exists and grows stronger everyday.
I can say 2 years old was a cake walk, I cant say the same for 3 yet... I feel like 3 is going to be a challenge, she really pushes her limits with everyone she's around. She's a boss lady!!!

As time goes by, I am excited to see my toddler blossoming into a little girl. She's sassy, hilarious, sensitive, energetic, and LOVES her some Barbie. She thinks "All princesses" are Barbies.... and they are all "Beautiful" She LOVES orange chicken, juice, and chocolate kisses. Her favorite TV show would have to be Little Einsteins and  Jake and the Neverland Pirates. She watches the same movies over and over as most kids usually do. She's passionate about the outdoors, she's totally content and happy while playing outside, even if she's just carrying around a couple rocks, I know by the look on her face she wouldn't want to be doing anything else. Her speech is really taking off! She understand EVERYTHING literally, and is almost capable of communicating just about everything, Some of my favorite things she says is "Whats that noise?" , "A'MON"(come on),  "Lay wi me" (lay with me), "Holy shmokes" (Holy smokes),  The way she talks on the phone is hilarious "Uhmmm what you doing?" talks like she's a freakin teenager. I can go on and on about all the little things I adore in my child. If I don't document these little moments I worry they may be forgotten with time!

anywho heres some of my favorite photos...

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