Sunday, February 7, 2010


My instinct was right. GIRL!
'Pella James'
She was 7lb 5oz. and 19in. she came out FLAWLE
My birth story is pretty short and sweet!
I went to the hospital Monday Night at 8pm for my induction, I got hooked up to the monitor and to my surprise and the nurses surprise I was already having contractions that were about 7min apart before I even got my cervidil. I got the cervidil t 9pm, by 12am I was having contractions 2-3 min apart. By 3am my water broke on its on own...and from that point things really progressed.
I was checked 8am when they removed the cervidil and was 2cm. I got the Pitocin & Epidural at that time...because I knew my Dr. was coming in around 9am and getting the vaginal exam was hurt. Even though the contractions weren't bad I opted to avoid the upcoming exam.
At 10am I was checked by my Dr. and I was 8cm! I went from 2-8 in 2 hours..."impressive" says my Doc. About an hour or so later I was feeling her making her way down...Very uncomfortable. They turned me on my side and to help her make her way down. that's what when all I felt was pressure...They also turned off my epidural (so I would be able to feel pushing, and my legs) It took about an hour or so for that to completely wear off and me feel every bit of the laboring pains. with each contraction all I wanted to do was push her out. but I wasn't ready to push yet. By around 1pm they had me doing practice pushing, helping her come down. I was fully dilated ready to go. I wasn't in much pain yet....but come around 2pm it was ON! I felt her head in my birth canal. and the pressure was UNBELIEVABLE! I pushed..and pushed and pushed. I stayed strong but was starting to get tired, and loosing energy.
I was in sooo much pain as her head passed under my pelvic bone, I wanted to die.
They said " The baby has A LOT OF HAIR!" I was so worried about the progress of me pushing, is it close? wheres my dr? I want her out! My doctor finally got there at around 3pm and he really was encouraging me to just push her out!!!!!!
I felt her head pop out, I felt myself tearing..I was more big push I was told she would be OUT! i PUSHED and out she came!
She was sooo flawless. came out wide awake! and alert!

P.S. shes 4 days old today and NO ONE told me about the "aftermath" ..My body is wrecked!
I can barely sit down, what comes out of me, the stitches from the tearing...OUCHY!
My milk came in yesterday and Its so uncomfortable I had DD's before even being preggo so imagine me NOW!
She has a tied-tongue so shes struggling with getting a good latch, and my nipples are just trashed right now, but im sticking to it regardless of all the pain!
Its all WORTH IT

check her out!



  1. beautiful! my son had a tied tounge too, but the doctor just sniped the little "tie" part under his tounge and now he's good to go. hang in there!

  2. She's beautiful!! Congratulations:)

  3. Congratulations! She is so gorgeous! You are definitely right, it's worth it. The first 30 days are the hardest but once you build calluses it's so amazing! The bonding time is irreplaceable. Enjoy every minute of the little peanut and don't worry, recovery doesn't take too long. Congrats again!

  4. She's beautiful! Congrats mama! <3


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