Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lady Pella

The joys of having a baby girl?
Well DUH! SHOPPING Of course!
I just spent the last hour so browsing through
(one of my favorite sites)
and found Pella some new goodies!

is this the cutest dress?, she has tons more check her out! AlltheNumbers

Of course I have to document Pellas sweet are these? I found these compliments of the HipsterMom blog, but can be found at this Etsy store

Lets talk baby...
so far some MUST haves for a new baby!

  • Petunia Picklebottom Swaddling Blankets (they are organic and have the best stretch to ensure a nice tight swaddle!)
  • SkipHop Splash Bottle Drying rack (gets the job done!)
  • Maclaren Vibrating bouncer seat (Peej loves chillin in her bouncer chair, of course only when its vibrating!!)
  • The first years "Breastflow" bottles (Ive investigated ALOT OF bottles, and have gotten TONS of feedback on all the different bottles, and I heard great things about the breastflow, so I bought just one, and she took it no problem! and it mimics our boobies!)
9 days old today!


  1. Loooove the dress, so cute! And her little owl romper, adorable! And of course, so is she!

  2. Etsy is amazing! I can't tell you how many great things I've found there. The breastflow bottles where great for my son too (just some more positive feedback!). Where on earth did you get that owl romper!?! Adorable!

  3. I sell this line at my store, its Zutano

  4. Love that dress!! Girl clothes are just so much more fun than boy outfits!


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