Wednesday, June 9, 2010

4 months

Here we are, Pella is 4 months and 1 week old!
People say the time flies, for me however it hasnt. I have been patiently waiting and waiting for things to get better and changes to take place. Who am I kidding? Things with me are getting better slowly but surely, Ive cut the negative out, completely and it feels good. I dont like feeling used and abused, nor do I deserve that. Ive made alot of changes in the last 4 months, to better myself, and to be able to provide a happy, healthy home for Pella. I still have a long way to go with some things, and as I accept and take in "IM DOING THE RIGHT THING" AND "IT DOESNT MATTER WHAT ANYONE THINKS OR SAYS" It will just get even better and easier for me.
I have been pulled in so many different directions and jaded by what my brain automatically thinks is right, its been H.A.R.D. However I now know that having a baby is the hardest job and thing anyone can do, and im doing it, and doing it WELL. Pella is on a schedule, a hardcore one. she wakes up every morning for the most part happy, eats, plays and or watches Yo Gabba Gabba (it her fave) and takes a nap...this repeats throughout the day until we hit 8pm she gets a bath, a bottle and is down for the count. We experience good nights, where she sleeps until 4am-5am and we are still experiencing bad night where shes up at 12:30am,2am,4am,7am.... but thats the life of a baby, completely unpredictable! Her tummy issues cease to exsist, as shes been solely on Nutramigen for about 2 months now. Shes still gassy which usually means POOP is making its way down the pipes..shes still not pooping everyday she goes about every other day to every 2 days. Her 4 month well check went well, shes labeled as "TINY" weighing in at 11lbs and measuring 24" long...her weight is the 8% isle, height 50% and head is 2%.
shes my tiny dancer. some milestones are shes rolling over from tummy to back, still having some issue with back to tummy...shes trying sooo hard. she reaches for toys, she follows my voice looks for me, and watches me all the time! she is testing out allthe different textures of things with her tongue, not quite shoving things in her mouth shes still very unsure....
She laughs, and smiles, she coo's and goo's, plays with her feet and she still loves bathtime.


  1. I remember realizing for the first time that things will get easier the older Henry gets. Such a relief! Hang in there, P is such a happy and beautiful are doing a great job!

  2. Ahh she's sooo tiny but getting so big!! This month and the 5 month mark is my favorite so far they learn so many things and get so excited because they know what they did was way cool. Keep up the good work!! you are such a good mommy.

  3. Tiny girl. The rate at which they learn things blows my mind. I found from about 5-6 months on a brand new baby formed. Learning new tricks every single day. i'm glad to see you are enjoying your journey even though its not how you had it originally planned!


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