Wednesday, June 30, 2010

baby CRAP..not poop.

So I've found myself CONSTANTLY picking up crap that accumulates around my house...mostly baby stuff..and I have never really had OCD or really even been meticulous about organization, but after having a baby I went from prety minimum to basic household stuff, to what seems like an OVERLOAD. Dont get me wrong, I love motherhood, but boy does the CRAP pile up....
I took some pictures of how Pellas goodies have slowly made it into "my" stuff! Its actually cute in a way, but you wouldn't be able to understand what I mean unless you are a mom.

my Kitchen counter has been taken over my the infamous "bottle drying rack" and all the miscellaneous bottle parts, there are days I wish those things could just wash themselves!

My Bedroom "toiletries"'ll now find baby lotion, teething tablets, and Stretch mark cream, agmongst my everyday lotions and perfumes....

Bathroom sink is where Pellas bathtub seems to live these days, and all her foam Alphabet letters....

And here some of my most Favorite pictures of Peej at 4 months of age...enjoy!


  1. she is such a little dolly!

    and yes i completly feel you! I pick up the house at night and everything is BABY BABY BABY stuff. Now that kingston is getting more mobile its spread everywhere.

    Just you wait...

  2. she is soooo adorable! and i've somehow managed to only use one bottle a day, i just constantly rewash that same one so i've cut down on counter mess. except now shes eating real food so theres bowls and cups and spoons and bibs...

  3. what a beautiful girl you've got. I have the same issue. baby crap everywhere and now we have mounds of toys all over the place because H is into everything.

  4. cute! she looks like she's getting quite the personality these days, isn't that so much fun?! and i hear you on the baby crap. don't you just haaaaate washing bottles over and over and over and over and over and........


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