Thursday, June 17, 2010

Boss Lady! Alissa and her daughter Liv

name: alissa
Where do you live: oahu, hawaii
Child(s) Name & Age(s): olivia cate kamanukikahamalie, but we call her liv. she's almost 9 months, born september 11, 2009.
What's your favorite thing about being a mom? everything. except maybe the lack of sleep. i love being responsible for such a cute little thing and i really enjoy experiencing all her firsts and teaching her new things.
What's your least favorite thing about being a mom?: i think most moms agree - the lack of sleep. after months of restless, interrupted sleep i was starting to feel just constantly grouchy and anxious. the past few weeks have been getting better though. knock on wood.

Tell us why your kid is the first, she is so.damn.cute. she is full of personality and definitely lets you know what she wants.shes strong that way, and physically too. shes been crawling and standing on things for awhile now, pretty sure shes going to walk real soon. she already loves animals, especially cats and she loves to read!
One of your favorite "remedies/ or tricks of the trade"(for gas,teething,sleep,ANYTHING): i cant really think of anything too groundbreaking right now but i think the best way to cheer up a fussy baby is to take them outdoors. distract her. liv almost instantly smiles the second we step out the door.
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