Friday, June 18, 2010

baby food and PIGS!

Today, I made Pellas First batch of baby food!
My garden is getting pretty serious over here and I was able to pick alot of spinach and some beets! So here it is her VERY FIRST batch of ORGANIC homemade spinach and beets (not to mention I NEVER have tasted a beet before in my life until today, and Im pretty sure I will be eating them way more often!)

So, here is my garden as off today! lookin' nice and LUSH, everything is growin' beautifully..
Artichokes, tomatoes,cucumbers, zucchini,summer squash, peas, beets, carrots,lettuce, bell peppers, watermelon, cantelope, spinach, and butternut squash is what my garden consist of!
EEEK so many gooooodies! cant wait!

Here is some photos of the baby food making process!

And today we had dinner at a close friends, and they raise pigs, so Pella had her first encounter with a Big momma pig, she LOVED it, she smiled at her, and laughed hysterically at her!!! She loved to touch her nose and her hand was covered in PIG SNOT. N.B.D. she better get used to it as she will be a little rancher girl! like mother like daughter!
"A real girl isnt afraid to get DIRTY!"

Have a good weekend! :)


  1. so impressed with your garden! wish i planted one!

  2. i must admit i am a little jelaous...i just killed my tomatoplants....sigh...i am definetly not dr. greenthumb...

    xoxo trine

  3. Your garden is so lovely!!!

    This may be a strange comment - but you have very nice teeth. :)

    Yummy looking baby food - and that video is adorable!!!

  4. You are SUCH a cute momma! Goodness. That video is precious.

  5. wait i only just now watched the video and omg so cute! she DOES need a pig!

  6. Jinx! I did a garden post today too! (Your veggies totally kick my gardens ass). Beets are great. Try the golden ones. Delish!


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