Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sickfeet Art

I met Jyll through a mutual friend of mine a couple years ago, and she is AWESOME!
Her family is the cutest! her son is adorable! Jyll is soooo talented!
Her art makes me wish I was truly artistic, but thats what makes people like her AMAZING because you appreciate the talent! I am a proud owner of an original piece she painted for me for my baby shower....unfortunately Im not with "baby daddy" but its still special to me, and I love it! She does custom commission pieces which is super cool, and
has an ETSY and BLOG.
make sure you check out her beautiful artwork, hey maybe buy something!!! lol.

The painting she painted for me!! :)

Her family!


  1. even though you're not with him anymore, peej would probably like to have it one day. very cool!

  2. Oh Marcella! thank you for the plug !!! I see you have alot of followers!

  3. I love it! I wonder if she has anything with an elephant on it?????


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