Friday, July 23, 2010

Could this be you?!

I sometimes find myself browsing through, typically the FREE section and MISSED CONNECTIONS... obviously these are the best GOODIE PACKED categories on that site.... while browsing through Ventura's Craigslist I stumbled upon this gem!

TITLE​:​ you work at wendy​s and wear no bra

BODY:​you are older​ about​ 40 and you wear your wendy​s shirt​ with it puffe​d open and i can alway​s see your boob by looki​ng in.​.​.​.​.​recen​tly i went throu​gh and got an erect​ion .... would​ you like to watch​ me strok​e it in the drive​ thru,​ i know you have seen it out ....

Seriously??!!!!???!!! Golden missed connection right here.

Its Friday, I wish I could be going through the Taco Bell drive through and getting a HUGE Mountain Dew and a crunchwrap..... diets are awesome, so are the brownies sitting on my kitchen counter then I CANT eat.
Have a good weekend!


  1. Hahahhahahahhahah!
    OH MY GAWD! Best missed connection of life! OF LIFE!

  2. hahahaha! that is HILARIOUS. people are so freaking weird.

  3. oh my god....thats soo amazing! such creeps out there!

  4. Hey there, I bought the new ergo off your blog a couple weeks ago and still haven't received it. If you could email me and let me know what's up I would appreciate it. THanks,

  5. this motherfucker is vile hahahahahahahahahahaaa


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