Wednesday, July 7, 2010

See Ya Cali! Hello, PORTLAND!

So tomorrow, Myself, Pella, and Kim will jetsetting to Portland for a few days..
very excited! However, Ive never traveled with a baby, I barely Fly, I actually hate it and have the WORST anxiety ever!!! I might need a cocktail or two to calm my white trash is that? hitting up the airport bar with a baby strapped to my chest....!!! NBD!
Any advice? Any must have travel items? any advice on how to travel with an infant it appreciated!

Ill post pics of my outrageous packing job! tomorrow...
for now heres some daily Peej


  1. well by the time you read this I would imagine you've left already, but its dead easy! I've flown solo with Addie from 8 weeks until now, including international flights. The key is to be prepared. This doesn't mean you need to take everything, but just plan for all the worst, like nappy blow outs, tantrums etc, spare pacifiers etc if you use them. Then when it goes well, you'll be cool and relaxed. I highly recommend you take a shitty umbrella stroller with you. Lugging a baby around with you as well as all their stuff and your own is hard work. Keep everything in your (and her) clear plastic bags. Dress light and make the xray part of security easier by asking to move to the disabled/family line etc. Ask for help if you need it because most security officials won't help you even if they see you struggling and would rather not hold the baby whilst you take your bag/shoes/flatten the stroller etc (which is so frustrating).

  2. really cute pics! we're flying home in september and i am equally as nervous (about traveling with a baby and flying). i think i'll be hitting the bar too. it's not white trash if you order something to eat with your drinks, right? ;) good luck to you both, have fun!

  3. That picture of you & her laying on the floor is adorable :)
    & you made me laugh with the whole white trash/baby at a bar thing, hehe...I feel ya though, I HATE flying & still havn't been on a plane with my son! :/

  4. Woohoo Portland!! Right now it is HOT, but the weekend looks to be absolutely perfect!
    Good luck with the flight - I'm sure it will be quite the adventure.

    Safe travels - and ENJOY P-town!!


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