Monday, July 12, 2010


Portland was great! The flight there was at 9pm, so I had planned on feeding Peej as we climbed into the night sky and she'd fall asleep, and be a good girl! I was totally amazed at how good she was, didnt fuss once with having to be taken in and out of her car seat, bounced around, and literally restricted to the small space we had on the plane. We landed and managed to make it to our destination with no meltdowns, through the weekend we had a few issues with sleeping, she was in a pack n play and it was 90+ degree weather, so I couldnt swaddle her, or she'd roast to death!!! so I was awoken several times through the night by her cries of HEAT stroke and uncertainty . We explored the city, with NO meltdown, I traveled with my Uppababy stroller, BEST STROLLER EVER! and took with me a bag that consisted of 1.Diapers 2. Formula 3.change of clothes 4.wipes 5.bottles 6.extra paci 7. toys 8. thermos <---this worked out PERFECTLY for our exploration! she'd eat...look around at stuff, get sleepy, doze off ,wake up, and eat again. We were able to have breakfast at JAM On Hawthorne, drop by Mississippi Ave, hit all the little shops! walked around downtown, and hit the pearl District to get lost in Powells City of Books all in all a good trip considering traveling with a 5 month old....I couldnt complain.
Coming home was another story it was an 11am flight, so I was hesitant as to how the flight home would go, she ate. spit on people, played, and slept literally the whole flight! My dad picked us up in LAX and we made the trip home which was about an hour drive with NO MELTDOWNS!
S U C C E S S!


  1. Glad you had fun on your were in my neighborhood (the big Portland sign at the Schnitz is two blocks from our building!) Too bad is was so stinkin hot though! Thats awesome she did so well :)

  2. love all of your darling photos!

  3. oh the portland onesie is too cute!! and i also looove your dress!! ;)


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