Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer Fashion and the Weekend

The weekends are always so busy for me I never get around to updating the blog, I know the Summer Fashion week is over, but I todays ensemble is posting worthy. This is the dress I bought at the craft fair I went to in Long beach, made by DANITY JUNE. loveee this dress!
Also this weekend We went to the la FLEA MARKET. and apparently turned heads these custom made bedazzled pumps! lol

Heres some PEEj pics from over the weekend. shes the best!


  1. hello! i can't help but comment but you and your little baby girl are so inspiring... you are both so beautiful!!

    I am going to be a young mother (22 years old) and expecting my first baby girl in October and I when I saw this post with your stroller i shriekd at my computer because I really love the look of it! It looks like the lexus's of strollers! Would you be able to tell me who manufactures your stroller?

    Thanks and please keep blogging! you are doing such a great job!!


  2. super super cute! that dress is amazing! and of course little p is just delectable. (-: i wish i'd known about summer fashion week - i'd have loved to do it but missed the boat! anyway, very cute pictures. you girls are awesome!


  3. that dog in the background of your boston picture looks so angry!!!!!! hahaha.

  4. That dress is amazing!


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