Monday, February 21, 2011

Losing my COOL. & Music Monday

Im losing my cool. Its been 2 solid weeks of close to no sleep!
My child has been SCREAMING BLOODY MURDER, night in and night out. Let me start off with saying the first thing that came to mind is TEETH! HOLY SHIT Peej is getting her first tooth!!!! here we are 3 weeks later NO teeth yet, but still interrupted sleep! I took her to the DR. 3 times in a course of a week, to have her ears checked for an infection, NO sign of an infection Im told by my DR., what the fuck is going on!??? The 3rd time I took her into the Dr was because I noticed both ears having discharge coming from them, took her in, still no sign of infection, but she was put on anti-biotics
being treated for an "inner ear infection" an infection that apparently couldn't be seen by the naked eye! ok, so fast forward ONE week from that Dr. visit, and treating her with anti-biotics I am NOT seeing an improvement in her nights sleep, its sooo bad, literally up every 1.5/2 hours, SCREAMING! Am I being too impatient? How long does this ear infection business last!? as for teething goes, I dont feel any bumps or inflammation.... neither did her DR, even though I am aware some babies show no visible signs while teething.
I make sure she's fed and full through out the day, so she's not hungry... and at this point im EXHAUSTED!!! I had a baby who slept 12 hours SOLID 3 weeks ago! gonna call the dr again tomorrow! ughhh babies! this whole parenting thing is TOUGH STUFF.

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psssst!!! I was a favorite of the The Paper Mama for her "Self Portrait" photo contest.
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  1. If she has an ear infection, have you tried putting a few drops of breast milk in her ears?

    How about an amber teething necklace? I think I got Matilda's from Inspired by Finn... but this site has some info about them.

  2. My son who is 7 months old just started doing the same thing, waking up at night screaming like all hell broke loose. He too was sleeping 12 hours a night until about a week ago. I know you mentioned an ear infection but I also read that it is pretty common for kids between 6-12 months to sometimes do this if there is a big developmental milestone. So I know it's not much help but reading that at least made me feel a little better, and as is my new mommy mantra ... this too shall pass. Best of luck.


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